10 best Amazon finds to save time

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Case in point: These incredibly practical, useful, and easy-to-use Amazon finds that did all of the above. As a shopping editor my job is to find, test and compile the best products available. And after years of scouring Amazon, I have discovered many smart, life-simplifying beauty, skin care, cleaning, and cooking items that I now use daily or weekly.

When it comes to beauty, I’ve taken the less is more approach, especially over the past year or so when most of my time has been spent at home. Now I save time and money by opting for makeup and multitasking, like a two-in-one eyelash primer and mascara and one moisturizing tinted moisturizer, which replaced my day cream, foundation, concealer and sunscreen. And for the days without makeup I can quickly spray on some sunscreen and go, which is especially handy before morning runs or outdoor workouts.

I was also able to reduce my nighttime routine from a series of steps and products to a single, do-it-all night cream: Elta® PM Therapy Facial Moisturizer. Instead of applying and waiting for the eye serums, lotions, and creams to dry, I can apply a moisturizer rich in antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid all over. My sensitive skin, prone to acne and eczema, has never broken out again.

Cleaning, another big drain on time and energy, is now easier thanks to three new goodies, also beloved by other Amazon reviewers. Sort laundry as it accumulates space-saving baskets makes it easy to empty clothes into the machine and go, while the Bissell SteamShot Steam Cleaner made almost any cleaning job faster and easier – whether I scrub the inside of the microwave, the stove or the tiles lining the shower, the chemical-free cleaner releases an intense stream of steam that removes mold and mildew , dirt and grease in seconds. And while that won’t completely replace cleaning, those shiny cleaning pads keep my bathroom cooler and cooler between more rigorous maintenance.

As for the kitchen, a small but powerful food processor cuts prep time by quickly making healthy salad dressings, dips, sauces, pizza crusts and more homemade treats. And the same goes for cooking and baking with a stand mixer. Whether it’s a big batch of cookies, meatballs or a quiche, The famous KitchenAid machine takes care of all manual work. I just have to throw in the ingredients and sit down while it does its magic.

And there is nothing better than a strong espresso barely 30 seconds after waking up, in my opinion. As I spent time grinding the beans, measuring the ingredients and waiting for everything to heat up and prepare – while still being groggy –this wonderful Nespresso machine does all of this for me. My wallet prefers this to my dear local cafe as well.

Shop the rest of my favorite Amazon finds to save time, energy, and money below. Get your basket ready – you’re going to want them all!

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