3 Preston Hollow spas for holistic health, relaxation and pain relief

Photograph by Kathy Tran.

In 2016, Laura Harbison was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. She started researching how she could treat it naturally and take a more holistic approach to health.

By then, she had built a career in the medical sales industry, working for major pharmaceutical companies. And when she turned 46, she decided to change.

“I had really just worked for someone else for 23 years and really thought it was time to spread my wings,” she says.

Given her background and wellness-focused lifestyle, Harbison opened a spa, The Ozone Bar. She knew she had to choose a mall with heavy foot traffic, so she settled in Inwood Village. Doors opened in February 2020, just weeks before the closings. They remained open throughout the pandemic as they were deemed an essential business.

The Ozone Bar is the only spa in Dallas to feature a HOCATT sauna, which uses transdermal ozone, CO2/carbonic acid, infrared, pure oxygen, red/color light therapy and micro-currents to improve the immune system, increase oxygen levels and burn hundreds of calories. This machine is one of the more expensive offerings, but Harbison says neighbors, who often report feeling pain relief, aren’t deterred by the price.

All of the machines she selected are high-end models, including the infrared sauna which delivers far, mid and near infrared to release toxins, and the ozone sauna, which detoxifies the body, increases circulation and stimulates the blood. cells.

“I get approached every day by people trying to get me to offer other services, but we’ve done so well with the four we have,” she says.

Harbison’s company also offers medical-grade supplements and the Dermashape, which uses cupping and heat to improve the lymphatic system, break down fascia and lactic acid, and reduce water retention and cellulite.

“We’re here to make people feel good for 30 minutes,” she says. “They try to escape their lives for 30 minutes and have fun and do something healthy for themselves.”

The Ozone Bar, 5360 W. Lovers Lane, 214.964.0760

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