Acne can impair sleep quality in adult patients

Nearly one-third of adults in the United States sleep less than the recommended amount.1 Although this carries risks for several health conditions, the body of literature on the impact of sleep on the risk of acne or the effect of acne on sleep quality in adults is more limited.2

Three studies over the past three years have examined the relationship between acne and sleep.1-3 Each of the study populations was predominantly female, while the average age varied. Chaudhary et al included adolescents in their research,3 while Schrom et al and Halioua et al did not.1,2

Schrom et al. and Halioua et al. found a relationship between acne and sleep problems. “We demonstrated that adult acne is associated with sleep problems. Patients did not report different levels of sleep problems based on severity levels but, when asked specifically about the effect of their skin on sleep, more than 30% of severe patients reported being woken up or prevented from sleeping because of their skin condition, demonstrating a difference in severity levels.Our results confirm a recently published study,4 which reported significantly more (p

Schrom et al. discovered a relationship between acne severity and sleep. “Although fatigue may be a symptom of depression and patients whose quality of life has been more severely affected by acne are more stressed, our research demonstrates that when controlling depressive symptoms and the impact on quality of life, subjectively worse sleep quality is associated with objective sleep quality worsening acne.5,6 This suggests that there may be an influence of acne severity on subjective sleep quality. sleep and vice versa, confirming previous findings of the impact of acne on quality of life and mental health,” 5.6-8 the authors wrote.2

All three studies relied on self-reported sleep patterns.


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