Acne marks? Here’s what you need to do for clear, glowing skin

Renowned and acclaimed pioneer of the beauty movement Shahnaz Husain answers some of the common beauty and care questions
Q. I sweat a lot. Please give me some home remedies for body odor.
A. Ayurveda gives some dietary suggestions for excessive sweating. Sip ‘nimbu paani’. Sip ginger tea before and after your meals. Finely chop the fresh ginger root and mix with a pinch of salt. Chew some before your meal. Sipping lukewarm water with your meal can also help. A light diet and less spices are recommended. Eat smaller meals. Use colognes. They are lighter and leave a lingering light scent. They can also be added to the bath water. Make a paste of baking soda and water and apply it under the arms. You can also add lemon juice to this paste. Leave on for ten minutes and rinse with water. Or, mix some baking soda with your talcum powder and apply under the arms. Or add 2 drops of tea tree essential oil to two tablespoons of water or rose water. Apply it under the arms with cotton.
Q. I have acne marks. Tell me about a skin care routine for clear, glowing skin.
A. Mix the rice powder with the curd and use it as a facial scrub once or twice a week. Apply to the face and rub delicately on the skin with small circular movements, especially on the marks. Leave on for a few minutes then rinse with water. Do not apply to pimples, acne or rashes. Mix honey and lemon juice in equal amounts and apply daily on the face. Wash off after 15 minutes with clean water. Twice a week, apply a face mask. Mix 3 teaspoons of oats with a teaspoon of honey, sour milk and lemon juice or egg white. Apply all over the face, avoiding the lips and the eye area. Wash it off after half an hour.
Q. Can I wash my hair daily? What to do for hair growth? Can I take vitamin capsules?
A. You can wash your hair every day, but use less shampoo. You can apply the oil once a week in the evening and wash the hair the next morning. If your hair and scalp are oily, avoid the oil. Ask your doctor to prescribe Vitamin B-Complex and Vitamin C. Hair loss can occur due to an oily scalp, dandruff, nutritional deficiencies, stress, etc. In men, hair loss can also be due to hormonal factors. Apply a non-greasy herbal hair tonic daily to the scalp using a cotton ball and leave to act. Avoid head massages. If there is hair loss, the roots are already weak and massage can make the problem worse. Food is very important. Have a small bowl of sprouts every day and include fresh fruits, salads, leafy greens, curds, in your diet.
Q. My lips are turning black. What should I do for pink lips?
A. The skin of the lips is very thin and delicate. However, after washing your face, when the lips are wet, you can gently rub them with a soft towel. It helps to remove dead skin. Then apply the milk cream and leave to act for one hour. Add a few drops of lemon juice to the milk cream before application. Apply pure almond oil daily to the lips in the evening and leave on overnight. You can also look for a lip balm with sunscreen. Switch to a different brand of lipstick, as the scent of some lipsticks can cause darkness in response to sun exposure.
Q. I have a lot of white heads. When removed, they leave huge pores open. I use the scrub three times a week. Please suggest a remedy.
A. In whiteheads, the pores are not open. That is why they are difficult to remove. Removing them can leave pores open or lead to pimples and acne. You can consult a dermatologist about this. During this time, in addition to using a scrub once or twice a week, try some home remedies. Make a paste of fenugreek leaves (methi) and apply it daily on the face, washing it off after an hour. Grated potatoes or potato juice can also be applied. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water per day. Add the juice of a lemon to a glass of water and drink it early in the morning. Drinking barley water is also said to help whiteheads.
Q. I have a lot of unwanted hair on my legs. Please suggest a home remedy to get rid of it.
A. Waxing is the best option for leg hair removal. You can do this in a beauty salon. Waxing removes hair through the roots and gradually decreases hair growth over a period of time.
Home remedies do not remove hair. But, also reduce hair growth if used regularly over a period of time. You can try the following remedies to discourage hair growth. Make a thick paste of sugar, lemon juice and water and apply it in the direction of hair growth. Wash when it dries. Apply it once or twice a week. Apply a paste of turmeric powder and milk and rub it on the skin with a circular motion. It is said to discourage hair, but it can leave a slight yellowish color on the skin.

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