Acne Patients Have Treatment Options

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) — Izzy, 21, has tried various treatments for her acne. But it always seemed to come back. That’s why she tries intense pulsed light; otherwise known as laser to control his skin condition.

“It’s kind of like a pin and needs feel. It’s not really painful,” she says of the treatment itself. “Considered going on Accutane. It was not an option for me. And I’m willing to try anything to clear it up. And so far, I’ve seen good results,” she says.

Izzy shows us photos of her skin before her first treatment. There are pimples on her cheeks. The same area after her first treatment shows very little redness, her skin inflammation is greatly reduced.

Acne is multifactorial, there is not just one cause. Nor is there just one treatment for it.

“When you have treatment resistance, you know you want to look at other options that can give you the results you’re looking for,” says Ashley Vazeen DNP who often uses the laser on her patients with stubborn acne.

Another option for acne patients is blue light.

Here, patients apply a topical to their skin, then expose the acne-prone area to blue light for 15 to 30 minutes. The wavelength of light kills bacteria that cause breakouts. Several sessions may be necessary to resolve the problem.

“Some of the insurance companies are starting to take it because it actually seems to be more profitable for them,” says dermatologist Dr. Cindy Lamerson of the Nevada Center for Dermatology. “They don’t need lab monitoring, it costs less overall treatment,” she says.

However, insurance will not cover acne laser treatment.

Keep in mind that none of these treatments are used alone – they are usually combined with topicals or medications.

Acne patients should know that it is not a hopeless condition.

“I feel like they are given options to feel good, to want to go out, to be happy,” Vazeen says.

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