After culling 40,000 new jobs, progressive NIMBYs are New York’s number one enemy

The story of Amazon’s selection of Long Island City for the company’s second headquarters fired the hopes and dreams of many New Yorkers living in the five boroughs, with the company’s pledge to create up to 40,000 new jobs for an average of $ 100,000 a year in Queens, by 2033. Unfortunately, due to the actions of a few elected Democrats, those hopes and dreams have now been crushed, as Amazon has now pulled out of Long Island City. Despite petitions and the grassroots organization for the new HQ2, the combined Twitter presence of a rabid horde of regressive leftists led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sparked enough outrage for the cancellation.

At first glance, the argument apparently concerned the $ 3 billion in subsidies that Amazon allegedly received to relocate up to 40,000 new jobs in the five boroughs. However, Cortez also celebrated the
announcement on Twitter as a call to action against perceived gentrification. In either case, 40,000 jobs earning $ 100,000 per year each would have generated nearly $ 400 million in local and state tax revenue each year, more than grants by 2030, and providing a powerful source of revenue for the caisses. state and local for decades beyond.

Sadly, it looks like the politics of outrage that has proliferated since the advent of social media is now about to consume the future of New York City. Following the cancellation of HQ2, Cortez took to
Twitter to celebrate 40,000 New Yorkers being deprived of potential jobs. Cortez was half-heartedly joined by Mayor Bill De Blasio and City Council Chairman Corey Johnson, both of whom deemed Amazon “unfit” to compete in New York City due to failed negotiations.

While the Twitter scandal machine may be launching propaganda in force, the reality on the ground is that New Yorkers are extremely upset over the loss of a future major national headquarters with all its opportunities and benefits. Reflecting the grim reality of life within NYCHA, which is still falling apart despite pledges of corrective action from elected officials, the Queensbridge, Astoria, Woodside and Ravenswood NYCHA Home Tenants Associations have released the following statement.

“From the start, stately politicians who refused to be at the table rejected the work of those of us who were. They put petty politics above real public service and spread disinformation
whip up the small group of opponents. Jim Van Bramer and Mike Gianaris were the politicians we turned to when we needed help. This time they didn’t even speak to us. They never asked what we, the folks at NYCHA, really wanted. They put their own political interests above their constituents and did not meet or even listen to us. Prominent politicians will try to blame Amazon and anyone but themselves for this disaster. No one should believe them – they let us down.

Middle-class and low-income New Yorkers would have been the main benefactors of Amazon’s second headquarters, with benefits ranging from tens of thousands of new salaried jobs to externalities derived from the tax dollars paid by those same jobs, including a large part. would have helped fix the subway and keep NYCHA going. Instead of generating an abundance of opportunity, Long Island City now finds itself with a gaping hole and reputation as a place hostile to new businesses, which could have an even more lasting impact than what would have happened had Amazon actually moved. in the neighborhood.

While the decision on Amazon is certainly worrying, it is not the only attack on the middle and lower classes currently being ridden by the regressive elected officials of New York.

YIMBY recently analyzed the issue of mechanical voids, which will soon find its way into urban planning thanks to a poorly designed text amendment proposed by opponents of high density development. As well as depriving New York of the bold architecture that should characterize a world-class city, the amendment would also make it much more difficult for developers to reach heights that reach ridiculously high prices per square foot. Despite the hyperbole of their wealthy opponents, these types of towers actually benefit the middle class and the poor in New York City, with possible absurd property taxes based on valuations obtained through exorbitant positioning. Any height loss in this case is a potential impact on the financial results of the New York City local government, which depends on taxpayer dollars to operate, as well as programs supported by property taxes.

Beyond mechanical voids and Amazon, the regressives of New York have also proposed legislation to limit the security deposits that New Yorkers are required to pay when renting potential apartments. Without large security deposits, tenants with no credit or no credit would be effectively prevented from obtaining home security. On the surface, the cause may seem benevolent, but in reality, it would prevent the
flexibility now enjoyed by many landlords by requiring larger deposits from financially insecure tenants, leaving them completely out of the way.

These are three major issues currently actively championed by a tiny minority of outraged Democrats that will have a major impact on all New Yorkers in one way or another, but mostly they will be.
damaging to the most vulnerable in New York. Reducing property taxes is damaging to schools, infrastructure and local government itself. Eliminate owner flexibility to demand high security
deposits would actually reduce the ability of low-income tenants to find secure housing. And the implosion of Amazon’s HQ2 deal has now deprived those same groups of 40,000 job opportunities and all of their perks, including what would have been an additional $ 400 million in annual and local tax revenue from these only new salaries.

Outside observers can say that these injuries are self-inflicted, because these officials were indeed elected. But the New York City local election is also a complete farce, with turnout typically struggling to exceed 20% of registered voters. With uncompetitive local elections and races generally deprived of any competent opposing candidate, the five boroughs have effectively become the equivalent of Caracas or Pyongyang, and their residents are now paying the price made by a small, well-organized minority of voters, who would gladly see New York City fail under the proven policy that typically characterizes repressive regimes rather than American democracy.

New York is the beating heart of global capitalism. At over 400 years old, this beating heart is now showing signs of wear and tear, as any organ of substantial age would. Instead of allowing what amounts to reconstructive surgery, i.e., Amazon HQ2, to help fund additional infrastructure and the government itself, New York’s regressors prefer to completely choke off blood flow, without rhyme or reason, and only for the benefit of a select group of wealthy donors. There are literally no words to express how insanely stupid the actions against Amazon have been, but worse, there is no way to remove the elected officials responsible for these actions, as New York City is essentially become a one-party state, with no viable checks and balances left to prevent the situation that has now unfolded in Long Island City.

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