Alder New York has sexless skincare options that are suitable for everyone

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Contrary to popular belief, skin care it shouldn’t be complicated! Alder New York (@alder_new_york) is a queer and owned by a woman vegan and independent cruelty-free skincare brand designed for people of all skin types, genders and ethnicities. On this episode of In the know: pink moneyTeraj host (@teraj08) chats with Alder co-founder David Krause about how the skincare brand aligns with the needs of its customers as well as what they stand for.

Krause reveals that Alder arrived somewhat by chance. Krause and his co-founder, Nina Zilka, originally had a fashion brand together which focused on sustainability and gender inclusion. One year they presented a dry shampoo to a phenomenal reception, which made them realize they were onto something. “We created Alder New York as a complete skin care line focused on cleanliness vegan skincare designed for all genders,” Krause told In The Know.

Alder isn’t just made with the customer in mind. The skincare brand is also very focused on making products that are also good for the planet, and it’s all in the name. The brand is “named after a tree that is uniquely symbiotic with its surroundings,” Krause shares. “We like to think about our environmental impact and how we affect people and the planet, so we wanted to use a name that didn’t have a skincare or personal care connotation, but had something that was part of the true values ​​of our brand.

Of course, another core value of Alder is to support the LGBTQIA+ community. Alder partners with Ali Forney Center, an LGBT community center that helps support homeless LGBT youth in the United States. Krause shares only 10% of the Sales of Alder’s Pride Cooling Mineral Hydro Mist, a cooling mist perfect for hot summer days, will be donated to the Ali Forney Centre.

As a genderless skincare brand, Alder has something for everyone. Among other products, the company offers three gentle clay-based exfoliating masks and a daily cleanser formulated to leave skin hydrated, clean and soft.

So if you’re looking for a way to make your skincare work not just for you, but for the planet and the community, look no further than Alder New York!

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