Alpyn Beauty Bubbly Creamy Cleanser is the enemy of acne

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Summer skin has its own specific needs. With the increase in sweat and humidity comes an increase in fat, and more time outdoors means you should increase your focus on the protective ingredients. While there are some trades dermatologists recommend making into your entire routine, like adding an exfoliator, doubling up on antioxidants, and going for lighter moisturizing ingredients, we’ve found a cleanser that will help you meet almost all of them. hot times of your complexion. requests.

the Alpyn Beauty Creamy Bubble Wash with Fruit Enzymes and AHA ($ 35) combines gently exfoliating ingredients with antioxidants to create a foamy formula perfect for preventing summer rashes and skin damage. “Consider a foaming cleanser or a cleanser that contains hydroxyl acids to cleanse during the warmer months,” said Joshua Zeichner, New York-based certified dermatologist at Well + Good. These types of cleansers, he says, are better at removing dirt and oil than their creamy counterparts, making them ideal at a time when these factors are at a high annual level.

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The cleanser’s exfoliating abilities come from a combination of papaya and AHA enzymes, which work together to gently melt away dead skin cells. It also contains vitamin C to help protect against environmental stressors like pollution, which is especially important during the months when we all tend to spend more time outdoors. Finally, there’s hyaluronic acid, which acts like a sponge and draws moisturizing ingredients from the rest of your routine and locks them below your skin’s surface, leaving your complexion hydrated long after you’ve lathered and rinsed off.

The only thing better than the cleanser’s stacked ingredient list is the user experience it offers. Although it comes out of the bottle as a cream, when combined with water it bubbles into a frothy foam that feels like a spa-like experience. Summer skin and the problems it causes don’t stand a chance.

For more tips on exfoliation best practices, watch the video below.

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