Amazon Great Indian Festival 2021: Check Out These Toners For An Effective Skin Care Routine On Sale

Facial cleanser and moisturizers can work effectively and give you the results you want. But to boost the radiance of your face a little more, you need to revamp your skin care steps. After cleaning, be sure to close any open pores with the toner. Although toning is not a mandatory step, it can impress you with its features and potentials. Worried about picking the best toner out of the bag full of toners? Amazon Great Indian Festival brings you toners too glamorous to give a damn about selling.

1. The regular toning solution with 7% glycolic acid

The 7% Regular Glycolic Acid Toner Solution is a dermatologist recommended toner. It provides gentle exfoliation for enhanced skin luminosity and clear visibility. Now it’s easier to close open pores and say goodbye to annoying acne spots, skin dirt and dead skin. Simply dab the toning solution on your face and feel the freshness.

Price: Rs. 3000

Offer: Rs. 1925

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2. RE ‘EQUIL Facial Tonic refining pores

This toner is an alcohol-free toner for oily, sensitive and acne-prone skin. It contains nine botanical extracts, allantoin and witch hazel that reduce visible pores. It not only tightens the pores, but also maintains the pH balance of the skin. The RE ‘EQUIL Pore Refining Face Toner is dermatologically tested and contains ingredients clinically proven for smooth and shiny skin.

Price: Rs. 350

Offer: Rs. 297

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3. Minimalist Face Toner PHA 3% Alcohol Free

This toner is a hydrating facial toner for glowing skin. It provides a gentle exfoliation and completely tightens pores no matter what type of skin you have. It renews all skin barriers. Plus, it targets large pores, dehydrated skin and uneven textures. What else? It’s a neutral genre. This fragrance-free toner is specially designed to help you improve the radiance of your face.

Price: Rs. 399

Offer: Rs. 359

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4. Clarifying treatment tonic Cosrx Aha / Bha

This Cosrx Aha / Bha Clarifying Treatment Toner is a toner that you should add to your daily skin care regimen. This toner is a must if you want to rejuvenate your skin to the fullest. It is a complete, cruelty-free vegan product. It has magical powers to improve the vitality of your skin. After cleaning, it’s a botanical toner worth grabbing.

Price: Rs. 1090

Offer: Rs. 1050

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5. Alcohol-free tonic with plum green tea

Green tea skin care products energize and refresh you day and night. The freshness derived from green tea is worthy of fighting acne and acne marks. Plum Green Tea Alcohol Free Toner helps stop acne formation. It kills acne causing bacteria from the roots themselves. The glycolic acid in the toner removes dead skin cells from the top layer of your skin. Strictly designed for oily and acne prone skin, this toner is an absolute winner.

Price: Rs. 390

Offer: Rs. 273

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Don’t miss the toning step and let your skin feel the freshness and rejuvenating power of these top 5 toners. Dermatologists recommend these products to help you achieve happy, healthy skin. Add these flawless toners and make them part of your daily skin care routine. Get even more excited because your favorite toners are on sale only at the Amazon Great Indian Festival 2021!

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