Amazon Shoppers Love Dots for Spots Acne Stickers

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There are countless skincare products and tricks available to banish your worst blemishes, but few options are as universally beloved as the pimple patch. Among the easiest-to-use skincare tools, pimple patches have become increasingly popular with options now targeting fine lines, dark circles and wrinkles. There’s a patch for every blemish problem, but only Dots for Spots Acne Stickers have been rated “absolutely perfect” by Amazon shoppers.

Although shoppers have noticed “overnight results” with the Dots for Spots patches, there’s absolutely no beauty magic involved. Instead, the patches are made with hydrocolloid, an ingredient used in wound dressings to prevent infection and promote healing. This active ingredient sucks out the gunk hiding in your pores, leaving skin clearer and less inflamed.

The patches are designed to appear translucent against the skin and can be worn overnight or for up to eight hours. If you’re not sure when to remove the patch, just watch for the translucent center to change to an opaque shade of white. Dots for Spots uses a non-irritating vegan patch that should be tolerated by all skin types and comes in 24 or 60 dot packs.

As a bonus, since your pimple is safely hidden under the patch, you’ll be less likely to pick and pop at the spot, which can promote the spread of bacteria. The brand claims that its patches generally work to clear up even the most inflamed areas of pimples, but if you notice worsening redness or feel concerned about the current condition of your pimple, you can consult a dermatologist.

More than 16,200 Amazon shoppers have given Dots for Spots Patches a five-star rating, including one buyer who noticed a decrease in “redness, puffiness, and size.” Several users also praised the size of the patch, with one noting that it was “perfect” for hiding the entire button.

Another shopper, who tried the patches after seeing them on TikTok, was stunned by the results and wrote that “they really work”. Another person shared the positive results experienced by their daughter, writing that the “breakout” patches context=”body” sid=””/].”

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