Be glamorous up to the minute with the best-selling cosmetics from the Korean beauty store

Korean beauty is built on non-toxic and chemical-free ingredients. Koreans are believed to have glamorous skin. And the secret to their glamorous, shiny skin lies in the non-aggressive beauty products. Their skin is youthful and dewy in the most natural way. Take a look at the K-Beauty store and try your hand at innovative cosmetics inspired only by nature.

1. KOREA Fairness Face Mask

These K masks are specially designed for Indian skin and fairness. It is suitable for dry, sensitive and acne-prone skin. This pack of 6 K-masks will enhance the radiance of your skin. Face masks are made from natural ingredients such as cucumber, aloe vera, herbs, lemons, berries, and papaya. You can now invest your time in optimizing your skin tone like the Koreans.

Price: Rs. 594

Offer: Rs. 297

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2. Vitamin C Serum

Koreans spend a lot of time pampering their skin and enhancing its radiance. They follow a rigid 10-step beauty regimen every day. Of the 10 steps, the application of the serum is the most preferred. After cleansing and toning, you need to apply a few drops of this vitamin C serum. It makes your skin glowing and designed for sensitive skin as well.


Price: Rs. 2490

Offer: Rs. 1515

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3. Jeju volcanic lava scrub the face shop

This purifying scrub deeply cleanses your skin, reduces blackheads, refines and shrinks pores. The scrub is infused with volcanic ash and mud that comes straight to you from Jeju Island. The scrub has great powers to remove all impurities and dead skin cells for clearer skin.


Price: Rs. 990

Offer: Rs. 841

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4. Rice and Ceramide Moisturizer The Face Shop

Rice is a heroic ingredient in Korean beauty rituals. And this moisturizer contains rice extracts, rice water, rice bran oil, ceramides and lecithin. The creamy texture of the cream penetrates the skin and does not make it sticky. It hydrates, brightens and illuminates your skin in a jiffy.


Price: Rs. 920

Offer: Rs. 899

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5. Lightening cream gel

The special ingredient in this lightening cream gel is aloe vera. It heals uneven skin tones and wrinkles like magic. This cream gel provides rich hydration for clearer skin. It has a non-sticky formula and a citrus floral tone to add vitality. Enjoy the refreshing feeling of this gel after application.


Price: Rs. 1590

Offer: Rs. 1431

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We are sure that you have not yet managed to break out of the hallyu wave. Right from K-haircare, K-food, you should resist buying these K-beauty essentials. These K-beauty products will make you look like a Korean diva. With improved skin, minimal skin issues, and a glowing complexion, you can’t stay calm while worshiping your natural beauty. Grab these Korean cosmetics from the K-beauty store IMMEDIATELY!

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