Benefits of Manuka Honey for Skin: Benefits, Masks and More

People have been flocking to honey since, like, the dawn of recorded medicine. But what’s so special manuka Dear?

This honey is made from the pollen of the manuka tree found in Australia New Zealand. The tree has a host of skin-nourishing properties (more on that below) that carry over from pollen collected by bees to honey.

Admire the magical skin-nourishing properties of the manuka tree.

It’s antibacterial

Remember when everything in the beauty aisle was infused with tea tree oil? People stan the stuff because it fights acne-causing bacteria. Well, manuka oil works the same way.

Research actually shows that manuka oil could be After antibacterial than tea tree oil. A manuka honey mask or cleanser could give your skin the cleanse of a lifetime. Just imagine the bacteria being sucked into the sticky, deadly embrace of honey.

Bottom line: Manuka honey could be your new BFF in the fight against pimples.

It could soothe eczema

Eczema sufferers will tell you how irritating it can be to have dry, itchy skin must 👏 no 👏 stripe 👏. But it’s tempting. So tempting.

Manuka honey to the rescue! This sugary substance is a humectant, which means it moisturizes so your skin can get a break.

A small study of people with eczema found that applying manuka honey to inflamed areas resulted in an improvement in symptoms. Even better? They were still showing improvements a year later. We need more research to prove these results, but it’s a start.

It soothes inflammation

Red, swollen skin is no match for manuka! This honey has inflammatory properties to help fight inflammation from acne, eczema, etc.

In the middle of a breakout? Enjoy this sweet benefit by applying a manuka honey mask, turning on your favorite show, and saying goodbye to unsightly, irritated skin.

It fights free radicals

Manuka honey contains antioxidants, which smash pesky free radicals.

Free radicals aren’t those creepy people you saw on the news, BTW. They are unstable atoms that can lead to premature aging and lack of elasticity.

Using manuka honey to slow down free radicals could keep your skin looking fresher and younger looking for longer. Fewer wrinkles and age spots? Oh honey, you’re too nice to us!

It could help speed healing

Does Manuka honey sound wonderful enough already? There is more!

Besides helping clean fresh wounds (remember those antibacterial properties?), burns, or even areas affected by psoriasis, manuka honey is known to help fade scars.

More research is needed to confirm this benefit of manuka honey for skin. Keep your fingers crossed!

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