Best New Products July 2022

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Brooklinen Tangerine Fuschia Striped Linen Duvet Cover

Brooklinen has been the benchmark for bedding and bath towels for the past few years. So the Brooklinen Tangerine Fuschia Stripe Linen Duvet Cover is also unsurprisingly awesome. The duvet cover is made from 100% European linen and is individually dyed for the highest quality end product. The Tangerine Fuschia Stripe Duvet Cover is a bright and whimsical option from Brooklinen that’s absolutely perfect for a light summer look in the bedroom while the warm weather is here.

Pair of polarized sunglasses

Pair Eyewear has stood out for eyeglass wearers for quite some time thanks to the removable top frames that you can purchase. These frames allow users to swap out the front frame of their glasses so the glasses can match any outfit or style depending on the top frame. Pair recently launched its first-ever line of non-prescription polarized sunglasses. This launch is the first time that even people who don’t need glasses can purchase Pair products, including of course the many unique top frames. The sunglasses come in a variety of designs and also feature a number of customizable lens and color options.

Murad Deep Relief Acne Treatment

When it comes to skincare, there are few brands as effective and powerful as Murad. The company recently launched a new product, Murad Deep Relief Acne Treatment. The new treatment is designed to help clear up deep, painful acne faster than many conventional options. This is done through an invisible polymer that forms a sort of “second skin” to keep the active ingredients in place longer, allowing your skin to absorb more even after you’ve been through it all day.

Allbirds X Rosie Assoulin Sugar Sliders

Allbirds has long been one of my favorite brands, with a focus on durability and creating really great running shoes being the main reasons why. However, the company also makes a number of unique shoes aside from just running or hiking. The Allbirds X Rosie Assoulin Sugar Sliders are the company’s new take on classic slides. While Sugar Sliders aren’t new, the collaboration with Rosie Assoulin has led to two new designs with bold color choices. The slides were released in Cherry Limeade and Pisachio for a bolder and brighter look of the popular shoes.

Dr. Squatch Freedom Fresh Deodorant

It’s like every month Dr. Squatch releases a new line of perfumes and soaps that are worth checking out. Last month, Dr. Squatch did it again, except this time with deodorant. Dr. Squatch Freedom Fresh deodorant is the company’s latest launch just in time for the 4th of July. The natural deodorant with an American twist has a boardwalk breeze scent and uses charcoal powder and probiotics to help keep you smelling fresh without the need for harsh chemicals. The deodorant is fresh and corresponds to the well-known equivalent of the soap of the same name which was launched previously.

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