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“If you lined up 100 dermatologists, there would be a few skincare brands that they all agree are effective,” says Mona Gohara, MD, associate clinical professor at Yale. EltaMD tops the list. “Their products are almost medical grade,” says Dr. Gohara. “There is a lot of science behind them, and I can be sure they will work and not irritate my patients or cause acne.” And Dr Gohara says she loves that unlike most brands that offer one or two sunscreens, theirs have plenty of options designed for different skin types and sensitivities.

Besides the efficacy and research behind their products, EltaMD’s formulas are aesthetically elegant. They layer well with other skincare and under makeup, they are easy to apply and they feel great. This is important because, says Dr. Gohara, if you don’t like the experience of applying something, you aren’t going to use it regularly and then you won’t see any results.

EltaMD began as a healing ointment for farmers in rural Switzerland. In the late 1980s, they ventured to the United States and quickly became the wound care choice of doctors and hospitals around the world. In the 2000s, they expanded to create the sunscreen they are loved for today.

“When patients ask us for product recommendations, our butt is on the line,” says Dr. Gohara. “So we suggest that the things we know are reliable – what we use on ourselves and our families. Below, Dr. Gohara shares six EltaMD products that she – and many of her patients – use and love.

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Best tinted SPF

UV Glow Tinted Broad Spectrum SPF 30+


$ 38.50

“Sunscreens in general are anti-aging because they protect you from all damage caused by UV rays,” notes Dr. Gohara. “But if you want a little more oomph, look for one with antioxidants, which help skin repair itself, like Elta® UV Glow.” Replace your foundation with this tinted formula to stay out of the sun, soften hyperpigmentation, boost radiance and create a beautiful natural glow.


Best moisturizing SPF

Broad spectrum UV face SPF 30+


$ 30.50

This sunscreen meets moisturizer is a great multitasking. “There is a difference between a sunscreen that hydrates and a moisturizer that contains SPF. I prefer the former because it ensures that there is enough sunscreen in the product to provide protection, ”says Dr Gohara. “You can clean up, put this on and go!” The fluffy texture quenches thirsty skin and provides significant sun protection, but is so soft it can even be used on skin after in-office procedures, like peels, microneedlings or laser treatments.


Best SPF for darker skin tones

Clear UV SPF 46 Broad Spectrum Facial Sunscreen


$ 37.00

As the name suggests, this cult-fave formula dries clearly. “I like the fact that it doesn’t leave a plaster on brown skin,” says Dr. Gohara. A sheer finish is unusual for a sunscreen that contains zinc, which is notoriously white and chalky, but EltaMD formulates zinc oxide into a micronized particle. The resulting application is virtually transparent. No wonder it has a five star rating and over 3,000 rave reviews on


Best Mineral SPF

UV Restore broad spectrum SPF 40


$ 36.50

“For anyone who prefers mineral sunscreen, this 100% mineral formula is my choice,” shares Dr. Gohara. “I also like how this product takes into account blue light, not just UV light,” she adds, commenting on how the formula blocks free radicals ultraviolet (UV), infrared (IR) radiation. ) and high visible energy (HEV) light.

It also contains squalane, which helps restore the skin to its natural hydration and suppleness, as well as ginger root extract and saccharide isomerate which help lighten dark spots and reduce the appearance. visible fine lines.


Best moisturizer for super sensitive skin

Intense Moisturizer


$ 18.00

Lightweight, effective and non-irritating, this jar of moisturizer is so nourishing and hydrating that Dr. Gohara recommends using it as a layering to combat the often drying and irritating effects of retinoids. It is designed to minimize sensitivity and can even be used by people with eczema to help prevent flare-ups. “I am able to recommend it for patients with many different skin types,” adds Dr. Gohara.


Best moisturizer if you suffer from acne or rosacea

AM Therapy Facial Moisturizer


$ 36.00

This also contains niacinamide, which Dr. Gohara loves for its inflammation-reducing properties. “When my patients with acne or rosacea are looking for a gentle, soothing moisturizer, this is what I suggest. It also contains willow bark, a natural source of salicylic acid, for a non-irritating cell renewal effect, caffeine to retain moisture and keep things flexible, and anti-aging antioxidants.

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