Biore Launches Famous Pore Strip Follow-Up With Acne Treatment

Biore, Kao Corporation’s anti-acne product line that includes its best-selling, two-decade-old pore strip that clears a week of clogged pores and blackheads, followed that innovation with anti-pimple patches.

The patches, called Cover & Conquer, are pimple-sized dots that blend into the skin. Unwrapped like a band-aid, the discreet patches are placed around the circumference of the pimple and worn for six to eight hours day or night. Unlike pore strips, which contain witch hazel and tea tree oil to unclog problematic pores, newer pimple patches use hydrocolloid, which works like a sponge to suck up oil and pus, according to the skincare company.

Hydrocolloid is a transparent dressing that retains moisture. Unlike similar offerings on the market that use a pectin or gelatin, Biore uses a plant-based hydrocolloid, which is 100% cruelty-free, the company said.

“The hydrocolloid literally works throughout the patch itself,” said Brittany Cook Konen, Deputy Brand Manager at Kao Corporation. “It seals to protect your area from all grime, daytime pollution, dirt and oil, and it sucks up all the pus from the grime, whatever lives in that area.”

She continued: “After 6 to 8 hours it will turn white, and even after removing it, and you will notice that there is still a little bit left, maybe it was a very big pimple, you can put some another right away.”

Cover & Conquer can be placed over existing or newly emerging unsightly pimples that a teen consumer or bride-to-be may wake up to two days before picture day or her big day and wishes to stop the zit in its tracks and prevent it from balloon into a larger problem.

“He defeats the pimple before he even hits a full head,” Konen noted.

Biore promotional event in New York

At a one-day promotional event held in Washington Square Park in New York City on Wednesday, September 28, Biore released its powder blue mobile truck adorned with blue and white balloons to encourage consumers to pop this (the balloons), not that (their buttons).

While popping pimples has long been an irresistibly tempting act that can help relieve pores of impurities and size, it can damage the skin and lead to permanent scarring. Biore’s energetic reps educated consumers about acne patches and how they worked, and most importantly, kept consumers from picking on them, while giving passers-by a chance to try their hand at a game of darts to pop the balloons and win products, Amazon giveaway. card and a Levi’s denim jacket.

While Biore has enthralled countless fans around the world with its pore strips, as users have become obsessed with seeing their blackheads on the strip, many consumers who stopped by the truckload on Wednesday were new to the brand and said it was their first time. using the products.

“That’s awesome,” said one consumer. “I get pimples all the time. Would love to try this.

“It’s epic!” chimed in another, who loved the idea of ​​the acne patch. “We should make a video!”

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