“Buffaloed” slimes us again, but at least this time with a little warmth, frankness | Books

Where, of course, a girl with so much brains and ambition and so little scruples finds herself in a duel with Buffalo’s most racy scum in the not-so-beautiful debt collection affair. She’s natural for that and she thrives.

If the very title of the film didn’t smear an entire city with a particular stain, it would seem funnier to the natives.

As it stands, however, I’m more than a little surprised at how cheerful the film is in following a ruthless debt collection and little, if any, significant sympathy for those caught in the mess of exploitation. financial and debt.

You can’t help but succumb to Deutch – at least I can’t. In the draw for the young actress (she’s 25), she has a tiger by the tail with this role and nothing in the world will stop her from hanging on and submitting for the sake of bursting. laughter, obvious as they are.

You will be delighted to meet him professionally. In fact, in the years to come you will probably think “we remember her when…” Whether that, once again, compensates for having our town undermined by an injured expat, you will have to decide for yourself. At least this time – unlike Gallo’s revenge – there is an understandable justification. It’s, as Halpern first presented in The New York Times Magazine, a very real business presence hooked up, like a barnacle, at the back here. With Gallo and his Bills worshiping parents, nothing was really anyone’s fault except his own family.

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