Say goodbye to acne

By | Lakshmi Rajesh Say goodbye to acne-prone skin with a few tweaks to your skin care routine Many people continue to struggle against the age-old curse of acne for years. Regardless cause Perhaps with a little effort this terrible affliction can become a problem of the past and anyone …

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How It Can Help You Improve Your Pimples

Acne facial mapping, a Chinese medicinal practice, is not yet supported by Western science. However, identifying what causes pimples on certain parts of the face can help treat your acne. The use of certain products, hormonal changes, diet and sweating can cause acne on the face. Visit Insider’s Health Reference …

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Personalized medications save face and money!

WESTPORT, Connecticut (WGEM) – You thought acne was a thing of the past when you came out of your teens, but up to 22% of women develop what doctors call adult acne, up from just 4 % men. The over-the-counter lotions and astringents you used as a teenager might not …

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