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Clinically tested solution, based on a proprietary blend of six herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, helps relieve symptoms of acne and other inflammatory skin conditions.

TEL AVIV, Israel, September 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Green Mountain Biotechnology (GMB), the developer of the synergistic herbal skincare combination Botaniplex™, and Kamedis, its parent company and the developer and distributor of end products containing Botaniplex™, today announced the acceptance of their first patent shared in China.

The patent, ZL 201780074679.0, relates to a proprietary composition of six herbs named Botaniplex™ CLEAR for use in the treatment or prevention of acne. Kamedis products containing Botaniplex™ CLEAR have been shown to be effective in clinical studies in relieving symptoms of acne, as well as other painful skin lesions, such as boils and folliculitis.

The antimicrobial, prebiotic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of Botaniplex™ CLEAR help control inflammation, restore balance to the microbiome and help the body heal problematic skin conditions. AC Spot Treatment, the final product featuring the patented Botaniplex™ CLEAR formula, will be marketed globally by Kamedis.

“I am very proud to have led the team that developed Botaniplex™ CLEAR, and I am thrilled to bring effective and safe skin solutions to people suffering from acne and other painful skin conditions,” said the doctor. Yonit Bomstein, co-founder and head of R&D at GMB. “Botaniplex™ CLEAR has the potential to improve the everyday lives of millions of consumers, and we are thrilled to provide access to our formula to those who can benefit.”

“The granting of our first Chinese patent is a significant moment for GMB and Kamedis. We are honored that our unique herbal combination has been validated by Chinese regulatory authorities and that we can now introduce our solution to the Chinese market,” said Roni KramerFounder and CEO of Kamedis.

Kamedis and Green Mountain Biotech are currently looking for a distributor for their products in China.

About Green Mountain Biotech: GMB develops, manufactures and markets the finest premium dermocosmetic ingredients extracted from Chinese herbal medicines for the cosmetic and personal care industries. Backed by leading scientists and researchers, botanical materials undergo rigorous and extensive testing for efficacy and safety, from the field to the final botanical blends.

About Kamedis: Kamedis develops and markets dermatologist-tested, clinically proven botanical skin care products to relieve the symptoms of chronic skin conditions. Kamedis products are sold worldwide through trusted distribution partners and e-commerce platforms.

Roni Kramer CEO and Founder

10 tips to reduce the appearance of stretch marks Mon, 26 Sep 2022 23:12:00 +0000

If you haven’t developed stretch marks yet, don’t think you’re off the hook. The above risk factors can apply to many years of a life, so if you think you’re going to get one soon, prevention is always the best offense, according to This way you are already ahead of the stretch mark curve.

If possible, everyone likes to save a dollar or two, especially when dealing with long-term issues. So, let’s start with what you can do at home. One of the best things you can do is invest in good moisturizers that will keep your skin supple and soft through all stages of life. The softer and hydrated your skin is, the less likely it is to tear if, or when, it’s stretched.

There are, of course, hundreds if not thousands of moisturizers on the market. It doesn’t have to be complicated, however. Simple cocoa butter or even coconut oil will work well to keep the skin on your body hydrated, soft and supple. As long as you religiously apply moisturizer to all parts of your skin, your skin should be able to handle any kind of stretch. Be sure to pay particular attention to your abdomen, thighs, arms, buttocks, and breasts, as these areas are most likely to develop stretch marks.

Tula’s Skin Brightening Serum is 20% off Sun, 25 Sep 2022 01:00:00 +0000

From its instantly brightening eye balm to its anti-rash sunscreen, skincare brand Tula has won over beauty shoppers and editors alike. Centered around gentle yet powerful ingredients like probiotics and vitamin C, Tula products are best known for delivering results without causing irritation. So it’s no surprise that the brand’s first foray into makeup has some serious benefits for your skin.

As its name suggests, the Tula Radiant Skin Brightening Serum SPF 30 has been formulated to leave your skin looking fresh and dewy with algae rich in antioxidants and niacinamide. Plus, a complex of prebiotics and probiotics help smooth skin texture and even fight acne, making it a solid choice for anyone with oily skin. Like so many of Tula’s bestsellers, this skin tone also includes hyaluronic acid, an ingredient that instantly plumps and hydrates. Of course, tinted SPF also protects your skin from sun damage while evening out the look of your complexion. (Pssst: Selena Gomez showed TikTok how to achieve fluffy brows with this foolproof kit.)

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Buy it: Tula Radiant Skin Brightening Serum SPF 30$32 with code SAVE20 (it was $40),

“The formula is lightweight but still provides great coverage with the youthful glow I was looking for,” wrote one buyer in her 50s. “I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a light, rosy look,” they added. Another reviewer with mature skin said it made their complexion “flawless” and didn’t leave their skin oily after all day use. A third wrote that the cover allowed them to conceal their acne without breaking out their sensitive skin. (BTW: Shoppers call these wrinkle patches a botox alternative.)

Better yet, you can get the Tinted SPF Serum (plus everything else on Tula’s site) for 20% off with code SAVE20 at checkout. Shop Radiant Skin Brightening Serum and other bestsellers before the discounts end on September 28.

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]]> Millionaire Beauty Wins Acne Serum Race For Flawless Skin Fri, 23 Sep 2022 06:08:21 +0000

Millionaire Beauty has announced that its Millionaire Flawless Acne Correcting Serum takes on the Peace Out Acne Serum in the race for clear skin. Further information can be found at

Millionaire Beauty has just announced their new initiative, taking on Peace Out skincare’s Peace Out Acne Serum with their popular Millionaire Flawless Acne Correcting Serum. This sounds like great news for all skincare enthusiasts and should be a lucky break for anyone looking for gentle acne treatments that are perfect for sensitive and blemish-prone skin.

More details can be seen at

Millionaire Beauty, a popular skincare company based in the UK, decided to make a real effort to become known for their flawless acne correcting serum and become the number one choice for skincare lovers. , especially those looking for gentle acne treatments for sensitive and blemish-prone skin. skin – those who may be considering Peace out skin care may want to think again.

Narjice Basaran, Managing Director of Millionaire Beauty, says: “Millionaire beauties love Flawless Corrective Serum and we are now making a bit of noise about it, customers who know us have been incredibly loyal and it has given us the confidence to shout louder. about how great our products are, especially our top sellers. We’re getting very emotional thank you messages from customers and amazing reviews, so it’s time to share these great products with more skincare enthusiasts!”

Millionaire Beauty has tried to stand out from the competition since its inception, striving to do better than other skincare companies, whether it’s leaving the bad guys out of formulas or including fabulous organic ingredients. This new venture is just one of the many ways she plans to continue to stand out in the competitive world of skincare.

Narjice Basaran is also very happy that Flawless Corrective Acne Serum is a bestseller because it works, customers come back to share before and after pictures and how much they love it. The formula is gentle and effective, using the right balance of active ingredients that will always get results, and Narjice thinks that’s a key motivator for customers who have decided to use them in the past as opposed to skincare. Peace out skin.

This announcement is a great opportunity for people who want gentle acne treatments perfect for sensitive and blemish-prone skin to try the new Flawless Acne Correcting Serum provided by Millionaire Beauty – so the call is launched to new and existing customers, who can expect to enjoy the best shopping experience possible.

Narjice Basaran also said, “Although Millionaire Beauty may not be the first of the only ones in the world to do this, I am extremely confident that we are doing our best and therefore expect Millionaire Beauties to continue. to choose us over peace out.skincare, since it is 30% cheaper, contains active ingredients that are gentler on sensitive skin, using azelaic acid rather than salicylic acid which can be more responsive.

More details can be seen Millionaire beauty and don’t forget to check out their Flawless Acne Correcting Serum for more information.

Contact information:
Name: Narjice Basaran
E-mail: Send an email
Organization: Millionaire Beauty
Address: Suite 300, 52a Windsor Street Uxbridge, London, Hillingdon UB8 1AB, United Kingdom

Build ID: 89082094

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