Best Acne Products

Teens and Acne: Top Tips for Clearer Skin

Eighty-five percent of teenagers are affected by acne during their teenage years and more than 50 million people suffer from acne in the United States, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. June is Acne Awareness Month and we asked UC Davis Pediatric Dermatologist Smita awasthi for her top tips …

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The science of acid-based sera

For most people, the word “acid” is a reminder of chemistry labs, where your teacher has advised you to wear protective gloves and goggles and handle them with care. How, then, do we feel confident enough to use the increasingly popular acid-based serums in our skin care routines? For women …

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Here are the best products.

If you’ve found your way to TikTok beauty, you’re going to know this brand. Glow Recipe is a fruit-based beauty brand that uses Korean technology. It promises to create visibly healthier skin – and online, it has earned a reputation for glowing, dewy skin, cute packaging, and viral videos. So, …

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