Codex Labs Obtains Fifth U.S. Patent for Skincare Technology

Codex Labs Corporation has been granted a new US patent relating to compositions and methods for managing acne-causing excess sebum production and concomitant inflammation related to its ShaantComplex.

Patent No. 11,484,489 is entitled “Skin Care Compositions and Methods for Regulating Skin Production”.

The ShaantComplex is composed of four plant actives, namely Tetraselmis chuii, Fucus spiralis, Centella asiatica and Pogostemon Cablin. Gene expression testing performed on individual actives, as well as the ShaantComplex itself, showed the complex to possess enhanced bioactivity in its ability to positively influence oily skin disorders. The functionality of the complex was then validated in formulated products via clinical testing under the supervision of a board-certified dermatologist, in which data revealed a decrease in excess sebum, acne formation and redness, without dehydration, according to the company.

This latest patent brings the company’s portfolio to five US patents.

“We are delighted that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has recognized our brand new ShaantComplex technology based on plant biotechnology,” said Dr. Barbara Paldus, Founder and CEO of Codex Labs Corporation. “We have devoted significant R&D resources to the development of our Bia, Antü and Shaant ranges, and we are grateful to see our hard work come to fruition through this recognition of our innovative technologies.”

You can read more about the development of ShaantComplex in this recent feature on New Ingredients in Skincare.

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