Cystic acne and what I learned about having perfect skin.

Everyone wants flawless skin, right? This beautifully shiny glass skin look with zero pores and not a pimple in sight. I know I did and believe it or not I made it happen. But now I see “perfect” skin a little differently.

From cystic acne, to two rounds of acne medication, to going off the pill; let me tell you what i realized about having “perfect” skin.

Of course, genetics is a huge factor when it comes to skin, but believe me, I wasn’t blessed with the perfect skin gene (thanks mom and dad).

Growing up, I had regular teenage skin with hormonal patches here and there, but nothing that ever really affected me.

Instead, I was one of the lucky ones who experienced painful cystic acne in their young adult years.

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This cystic acne came about as a result of coming off the pill in my early twenties and having my hormones controlled by a little pill I took every night, my skin freaked out when I decided to stop taking it.

Within weeks I had large nodules on my jaw and cheeks. It was those kind of pimples that are so big they have their own heartbeat – you know those? If you don’t, you’re in luck.

Believe me when I say I tried everything I could think of. I’ve tried medications, prescribed topicals, off-the-shelf skincare, in-clinic treatments, diets, facials, painful invasive procedures, and the list goes on.

Nothing seemed to work for my stubborn acne and I was at the point where my sanity was low and I was canceling social outings due to embarrassment.

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