Dartmouth-Hitchcock to Launch Dermatology Clinic Dedicated to the Unique Needs of People with Down Syndrome

September 16 — LEBANON – To meet the unique dermatological needs of people with Down syndrome, Dartmouth-Hitchcock (DH) is establishing a Down syndrome dermatology clinic at its Manchester clinic, which will open on September 21.

The program will be led by dermatologist Jillian F. Rork, MD, in partnership with Caitlin M. Yazel, APRN. Rork became interested in working with people with Down syndrome during her pediatric internship at the Massachusetts General Hospital Down Syndrome Program, where she saw firsthand the association between Down syndrome and various skin conditions. .

“It has become my mission and my passion to take care of people with Down syndrome and change the way they receive their skin care,” said Rork. “Since before the COVID-19 pandemic, my dream was to have a dermatology clinic specifically for people with Down syndrome – to really take our time to educate and empower. We are delighted to begin. “

There are many skin conditions associated with Down syndrome including dry skin, excessive dandruff, rash around the mouth, acne in the groin and armpits (hidradenitis suppurativa), patchy hair loss (alopecia areata), vitiligo and nail and foot fungus. Many of these skin conditions are treated with topical medications. Rork and his team will work with their patients to understand their daily routines and design effective treatment plans for their skin care needs.

Down syndrome is also linked to other medical conditions such as congenital heart disease, celiac disease, chronic ear infections, and thyroid disease. The team will look at how treatment plans will affect other common medical conditions with Down syndrome.

Within six months, Rork hopes to develop the research and data collection capacity of the Down Syndrome Dermatology Clinic. “We have a lot to learn to improve the lives of people with Down syndrome,” said Rork, who is in partnership with the Pediatric Dermatology Research Alliance, the Society for Pediatric Dermatology, the National Down Syndrome Congress and other organizations. working for Down Syndrome Dermatology. research in the foreground.

For more information or to book a clinic appointment, call DH Manchester Dermatology at 603-695-2540.

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