Derms Agree: this is the serum you should use for hyperpigmentation (it works so fast!)

If you’ve had acne, you’ve probably had to deal with hyperpigmentation as well. Hyperpigmentation occurs when patches of skin become darker than the surrounding normal skin. This is because there is an excess of melanin and the brown pigment that produces normal skin color forms deposits in the skin. Although it can occur after a tan or even from a tattoo, hyperpigmentation is a common sequel to acne picking and breaking out (don’t!). If you’re a picker and dealing with the consequences of acne scarring and hyperpigmentation, you’ve probably tried all kinds of ways to lighten up those stubborn dark marks. From skin lightening creams to chemical peels and microdermabrasion, there are MANY options for treating hyperpigmentation, but some of them are more expensive than others, and some are slower than others when it comes to skin. it’s all about showing results. But there is something you can use to treat hyperpigmentation easily and quickly at home. Enter: the serum you’ve been waiting for— INKEY List Alpha Arbutin Serum.

The One Ingredient You Need To Add To Your Skin Care Routine ASAP

According to the medical esthetician and industry expert, Cassandra Bankson, this serum, “gives you an incredible treatment that penetrates the skin with a glow. It also contains 0.5% squalane and peptides to nourish the skin. I like to use it as a treatment step under moisturizer as I’m acne prone, and it blends in well with my skin and helps decrease pigmentation left by previous breakouts. For super oily people, you can even use this serum without a moisturizer as a nice, lightweight hydrating serum for the summer! I recommend this formula to people more prone to acne.

You might remember Cassandra from her first YouTube videos where she shared her acne-covering makeup routines. If you’ve seen her videos in the past two years, you’ll see that she not only cured her acne but also treated her hyperpigmentation and loves this serum. With over 2 million subscribers online, Cassandra is the Cassandra Bankson skin influencer with a penchant for recommending the best acne related products. So what makes this serum so awesome? The key ingredient: Alpha Arbutin, a stable, water-soluble hydroquinone-related compound that has been shown to safely and visibly lighten skin and fade hyperpigmentation without irritating or being too harsh on the skin.

A bonus ingredient in INKEY List Alpha Arbutin Serum is a dermatologist favorite: squalene. Squalene not only balances oil production, but it also has powerful anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties to fight acne.

For a more luxurious product with similar benefits, try Obagi’s Vitamin C Alpha Arbutin Serum, a clinical grade luxury product with science and years of experience to back it up. Cassandra explained, “This formula contains vitamin C as well as alpha arbutin. These two products work together to lighten the skin and help reduce the amount of pigment the skin produces after damage (for example, blemish or excessive exfoliation). This serum is powerful, both for your skin and for its scent. But it penetrates deep into the skin to act. This product is also helpful for those who struggle with fine lines and wrinkles, and I often recommend it to clients and patients who are concerned about fine lines and wrinkles.

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