Drew Barrymore (and his dermatologist) swear by this product for chapped lips

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Let’s talk about Drew Barrymore’s “Little Yellow Book”. Far from the “burn book” of Bad girls the celebrity or the Little black book that was the subject of a 2004 romantic comedy, this book is full of Barrymore’s personal obsessions of the moment, whether it be charities, clothing, cooking utensils, books, d ‘TV shows, housewares, snacks or the like.

To date, through this segment of her daytime talk show, she has told us about this awesome Soma pitcher that she uses to remember to drink more water as well as this anti-aging vitamin E oil. and these protein pastes.

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Barrymore hasn’t fooled us with her recs yet, so we were all ears when she released her extensive Little Yellow Book of Fall Items. Filled with cozy blankets, coats, envelopes and slippers, kitchen utensils and more, the room that really stood out to us also turned out to be one of the most economical: Dr. Dan’s Cortibalm ( buy it: $ 7.50, Amazon).

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“Drew’s dermatologist drew his attention to this point,” the Drew Barrymore Show the team explains in the book. Since she wears a lot of lipstick at work, “it relieves her a lot of the product overload! It’s important even during dry seasons to make sure your lips are hydrated (and kissable),” they add.

Dermatologist formulated, hypoallergenic and A-OK for sensitive skin, it’s “a skin staple for Drew – she puts one in every pocket!” The balm “contains 1% hydrocortisone which interrupts the inflammatory cycle, stops pain and allows the natural healing process to begin,” according to the creator.

In view of the reviews, she is not alone. Fan raves: “I’m on Accutane, and it’s the only lip balm I’ve found that actually keeps my lips hydrated. Before I first used it my lips were SUPER dry, cracked and bleeding. day (even hours) after use, they were soft and hydrated, and in three hours fully repaired. It’s also super soothing, almost instant relief if I wait too long to reapply and let my lips set. dry out again. “

The relief on all levels seems to be super fast. “I had been suffering from extreme chapped lips for about a month. They started to be sore, peeling and painful to say the least. I tried Bite Agave Lip Mask, Bite Lip Balm, Burts Bees and Vaseline Lip Therapy with no success. another user said. said. “Then I ran into this baby and WOW. It only took one application and I started to feel better! No kidding! My lips stopped peeling and aching. Continued application and never would be without it. “

As someone who treats chronic parched skin and lips in winter, I will definitely add this rosy “do” from Drew to my dry skin cure kit. (Buy it: $ 7.50 on Amazon.)

Coming soon: 5 things I’m buying to be a little healthier this fall.

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