Eden McCoy talks about her personal style

What cosmetics do you keep in your purse? “Usually I just keep lipstick and lip liner – I love Chanel and Charlotte Tilbury for lips, but I also buy lip stuff from the drugstore – and a compact. I don’t I don’t have oily skin but when I wear makeup my skin gets dewy and sometimes I feel like I need a touch up Maybelline’s Fit Me powder is my favorite It looks super natural , not pasty.

What beauty products do you splurge on and what do you get at the drugstore? “I splurge on foundation. Right now I use Chanel, and before that I used Dior. For the skin, I think you have to invest in products that are a little more selective in terms of their content. I know there are great drugstore dupes out there, but the fancy ones make me feel like I’m using something really nice for my skin. Everything else I use is a drugstore product. I use a L’Oreal mascara, the same one they use for me on [the GH] Position. I’m using a Milani bronzer right now. I’m really not picky with my makeup, to be honest.

How do you take care of your skin? “I grew up with acne and had horrible skin and took Accutane for years; it took so long for it to fall into place for me. My skin is not naturally like this – I had to pay and work for it! For me now, simplicity is key. I love CeraVe Acne Cleanser; their ingredients are super simple, nothing too harsh on the skin. I use Hailey Bieber’s new skin care line, Rhode, and I really like it. There are a lot of peptides in there. I love rosehip seed oil for my face; it’s really good for brightening and evening out my skin tone.

What hair products do you use? “My hair is super coarse and frizzy and needs taming, so I put a drugstore oil on it when I get out of the shower. Right now, I’m using an argan oil from OGX.

What do you usually wear when you’re not working? “Jeans and a t-shirt. My personal style is influenced a lot by the 90s – Gwyneth Paltrow in the 90s, Ralph Lauren in the 90s. I’ll shoot a Rachel Green [Jennifer Aniston’s character on FRIENDS] when I want to feel feminine, but I really like menswear, so I’ll go for jeans and a black blazer and fun shoes if I want to spruce it up. My main style icon is Kate Moss. I like things sharp and I don’t wear a ton of colors. I feel more confident in my tailored Levi’s and loafers; this is where I feel the most ‘me’. But my mum has a very modified wardrobe and she gave me a lot of good advice, so every time I go shopping I ask myself: “Do I have this forever?” I believe in having some great timeless pieces.

Are you a shoe lover? “Oh yeah. I borrow a lot from my mom; she has totes and totes of shoes probably from when she was my age and it’s just the best investment – vintage Manolo and vintage Valentino, Chanel boots. I’m so lucky that she’s taken such good care of her things over the years. Half of my shoes are hers. My Converses [sneakers] and my black loafers are my favorite, but I’ve been loving ballet flats lately and I love little black heels. It’s what I wear when I go to the clubs.

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