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Jack Black has been in business for over 20 years, since Curran Dandurand, Jeff Dandurand and Emily Dalton founded the prestigious men’s skin care and skin care brand in 2000. In 2018, Edgewell Personal Care purchased the company in 2018.

It was then, and continues to be, a top-selling men’s skincare brand, according to NPD Group data. When the acquisition deal was announced in January 2018, Colin Hutchison (then Chief Operating Officer of Edgewell) called Jack Black “A revolutionary brand, which is driving the growth of the luxury men’s category through product innovation and the cultivation of a very engaged, loyal and growing clientele.”

And he explained the value and potential of the acquisition, saying: “The Jack Black brand is a strong and complementary addition to Edgewell’s portfolio due to its unique brand positioning, prestige channel footprint and product mix. This acquisition creates opportunities to expand our portfolio of personal care products into growing categories in the US and globally, while supporting the strong brand value developed by the founders of Jack Black. “

Edgewell Personal Care launched acne treatment for men

Today, Jack Black launched a line of acne remedies, consisting of a balancing foam cleanser, overnight restorative moisturizer, and anti-spot treatment.

All three products are formulated with adaptogens. There is turmeric root extract in every formula; and spot treatment further pushes the adaptogenic trend with the reishi mushroom. The cleanser and moisturizer formulations contain salicylic acid. While the spot treatment is based on sulfur (10%) for “Eliminate blemishes and blackheads,” According to today’s press release on New Line Jack Black Acne Remedy.

“Listening to what our customers want (and what they don’t want) is at the heart of the DNA of the Jack Black brand. The launch of the Acne Remedy collection is the result, as many of the men in Black Jack often say that they still suffer from acne, whether in their teens or adulthood. ” Gabrielle DeLatin, director of marketing at Jack Black, tells the press.

“And while we have been developing the acne remedy formulas for quite some time now,” She says, “We have really seen an increase in the need for acne solutions due to the increased stress and the constant use of face masks. Thus, the need for effective and quality acne solutions for men was palpable.

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