Emma Chamberlain on How to Treat Chapped Lips on Accutane

Emma Chamberlain has no beauty secrets. The YouTuber, who rose to fame with her videos detailing essentially everything that happened to her in one day, is holding nothing back about her life. Now Emma is talking about her latest kept beauty secrets – including her favorite (and least favorite) beauty products and dealing with Accutane side effects.

In a new interview with Elite Daily, Emma said that one product, in particular, has helped her deal with the notorious dryness and cracking that the anti-acne medication can cause. All of this. There was a lot of emphasis on sunscreen, a lot of emphasis on Aquaphor for lips, ”Emma said. “I was also using this new mom nipple cream on my lips because that’s how dry they were and I needed something more intense.”

Using nipple cream as a lip balm is nothing new; products like Dr. Lip Original Nipple Balm and Lansinoh lanolin nipple cream have been marketed as both a soothing nipple cream and emollient balm due to the rich yet gentle hydration they provide.

Emma also shared this pre-Accutane, she couldn’t resist a bad skincare habit and was “obsessed” with popping pimples. “I also had acne on my back, and I would sit in the mirror, turn around and get pimples on my back… It was a fun little hobby for me,” says- it. “Newsflash: It’s not a hobby, and it’s not good for your skin.”

Her stint on Accutane also made Emma fall for the cult Aquaphor ointment, which she had previously said she did. always has with it, even in the car. She is also a fan of CeraVe moisturizer for her eczema. However, there are certain beauty products that YouTuber isn’t a fan of, and she wasn’t shy about sharing exactly which ones she would “fight” if given the chance.

“I want to fight against makeup wipes or fabric masks. With makeup wipes, it’s because, number one, I’ve heard that they’re not that good for your skin. And number two, [they’re] very wasteful. So I hate it, “said Emma Elite Daily. Sheet masks are also on her “no” list. “It’s a bit of a waste, but also very frustrating. I feel like [sheet masks] never sit properly on my face – I must have a weird face shape. And they make a very big mess. I like the ones you paint much better. “

If you want to channel your inner Emma when it comes to your skincare routine, it seems there are a few simple rules: no single-use makeup products and lots of it. and a lot rich and thick balms for optimal hydration, even if they come from an unconventional source!

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