Everything you need to know about retinoids

We can probably all agree that retinoids have the potential to change the skincare game, but unfortunately, they’re not for everyone, and according to some dermatologists, not everyone actually needs them. Talk to Harper’s Bazaarfacialist Nichola Joss explained that retinoids can be a great addition to any skincare routine, “but it’s not essential for everyone.”

Those with very sensitive skin often find that they simply can’t tolerate even the lowest concentration of over-the-counter retinols — and if they’re just making your skin worse, there’s no reason why. you continued to torture yourself. “If you have rosacea, psoriasis, or are prone to eczema, then retinols aren’t really for you,” dermatologist Paul Jarrod Frank told the publication. If you have sensitive skin without the aforementioned issues, Frank says you can try very low concentrations of retinol (as low as 0.025%) and see how your skin reacts. If you don’t have side effects, you can slowly increase your tolerance until your skin can handle higher concentrations. “I don’t think anyone needs it,” says Frank, “but there are people who can benefit from it.” These people include people who want to minimize fine lines and wrinkles or often find themselves struggling with acne breakouts. However, it’s still important that you speak to a dermatologist before you start experimenting with retinoids. “It’s a good idea to ask your dermatologist if retinol products are right for you, and if so, how often to use them,” says dermatologist Howard Murad (via Harper’s Bazaar).

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