Expensive brunettes, hypochlorous acid spray and blemishes on cheeks are a priority for beauty consumers: Spate

Sultry red may have been a hot hair color for 2022, but consumers are looking for an expensive brunette this winter. Consumers are also looking to spray their skin concerns, from acne to a cleanser for the delicate skin on their eyelids. On the color cosmetics front, they seem to be ditching the traditional powder blush and opting for a cheek smudge to achieve a rosy glow.

Dear brunette

Google searches for expensive brunettes indicate that consumers are eager to jump on a hair color trend centered on rich color.

According to New York-based beauty trend tracker Spate, there are an average of 3.1,000 searches each month in the United States for Expensive Brunette, which is very low volume compared to other hair color looks. It has seen a huge growth of +1151.8% in searches since last year with no market leader and no competition.

Expensive because related search is up +113.0% YoY in the hair care category. This reveals that consumers want to look and feel expensive via trends like expensive brunette and their interest in expensive products and tools. Sometimes consumers ask if expensive products are worth it, showing a growing price sensitivity that matches current economic uncertainty.

Expensive brunette happens to be the highest growing hair color look for September.

“This trend can be a deep rich, glossy/shiny multi-toned brunette,” says celebrity colorist Cassondra Kaeding on Mane Addicts.

The perfume category is also seeing an increase in related expensive searches (ie, expensive perfume for women). Spate encourages brands to use it to understand the intersections consumers are looking for between hair and fragrance, and to ask themselves, “What is it about looking and/or feel expensive that attracts consumers? And, for consumers asking if expensive products are worth it, how can brands with higher prices show that their prices are justified?

Hypochlorous Acid Spray

Consumers are looking for hypochlorous acid spray for skin conditions such as acne, as well as dry eyes, and eyelash/eyelid cleanser. Hypochlorous Acid Spray is a multifunctional product that offers a variety of uses. Hypochlorous acid can help fight acne, eczema, and psoriasis, reduce inflammation, and help skin heal. Hypochlorous acid alongside skincare receives 3.2,000 average monthly searches and is up +4.6% YoY.

On average, there are 1.9,000 searches per month in the United States for hypochlorous acid spray, which is a very low volume compared to other skin care products. It grew by +23.0% in searches since last year with 1 market leader and very low competition; Ocusoft.

Consumers seek hypochlorous acid not only in a spray, but also in facial cleansers, eyelash cleansers, facial cleansers and acne cleansers. Brands should note that searches for face mists were up +17.7% YoY. Many people in the skin care field are familiar with Tower 28 SOS Daily Rescue Buzzing Facial Spray which touts hypochlorous acid as its main ingredient. It should be noted that despite this, however, consumers do not associate this product with hypochlorous acid, revealing space for other brands to come in to play.

Cheek spot

Cheek blush is trending as consumers seek different product formats for blush.

On average, there are 1.7,000 searches per month in the United States for Cheek Stain, which is very low in volume compared to other searches for blush products. It has seen +55.3% growth in searches since last year with three market leaders: Tarte, Benefit Cosmetics and Jane Iredale.

Blushes are similar to traditional powder blushes, but easier to apply and slightly more natural. Currently, liquid blush is driving the largest year-over-year growth in the blush product category, supporting consumers’ desire for blush products. blendable cheeks to help them achieve that flushed look. Consumers are also looking for vibrant colors and tones such as pink and cherry.

Searching for a brush next to a cheek stain reveals that consumers are looking for an accessory to help them blend into a cheek stain. After all, nobody likes to smear their hands with product, and brands have the opportunity to sell brushes alongside their cheek stains or in a value pack.

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