Galderma Korea launches new acne treatment

Galderma Korea said the Ministry of Food and Pharmaceutical Safety has granted product approval for Aklief (Ingredient: Trifarotene), an acne treatment on the face or body for patients over the age of nine.

Galderma Korea nodded for Aklief, an acne treatment, from the Department of Food and Pharmaceutical Safety. (Galderma)

“Aklief is the first acne treatment to selectively harness the gamma retinoid receptor (RAR-γ), the most commonly found retinoic acid receptor (RAR) in the skin,” said the company. “We have proven the efficacy and safety of Aklief as a treatment for facial and torso acne through two large-scale randomized phase 3 clinical trials (PERFECT 1 and 2).”

Based on the results of the clinical study, the treatment metabolized rapidly in the liver and had a half-life of only five minutes. “As a result, the absorption of the treatment into the body is low, which allows hospitals to treat the body and the face,” the company said.

Compared to a vehicle control group, Aklief reduced inflammatory lesions on the face after two weeks and acne on the back, shoulders and chest after four weeks.

Treatment related side effects were mild to moderate reactions including peeling, dryness and skin irritation, such as erythema and a burning sensation at the application site.

“With Aklief’s approval, Galderma will provide Korean patients with a next-generation retinoid cream that is fast and effective in treating acne on the face and torso,” said Kim Youn-hee, CEO of Galderma Korea . “Aklief demonstrates Galderma’s commitment to providing innovative solutions to a most common skin condition, which reduces the quality of life for patients.”

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