Gen Z-focused skincare brand’s bubble bursts in the retail market

Bubble – a new soapy skincare brand aimed at making cleansing and moisturizing the face fun – marked its upcoming launch in major retail stores with a yacht cruise around the Hudson with influencer Madison Pettis on August 3.

As odes to New York sounded from the boat as it approached the Statue of Liberty from Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ “Empire State of Mind” and Taylor Swift’s “Welcome to New York,” four skincare products with the name “Bubble” hanging from disco balls from inside the ship. The line of dermatologist-tested moisturizers, acne zappers and skin texture correctors were all made with input from Gen Z consumers.

According to Shai Eisenman, CEO of Bubble, the goal was to create an affordable skincare brand while forging an emotional attachment in young consumers, which she believed several long-established brands on the market weren’t doing.

“We really wanted to get into creating something different, that is first and foremost. Essentially, the goal is to make the highest quality skin care products with effective plant-based ingredients that are backed by science and accessible to consumers,” Eisenman said.

The bubble line

Bubble launched in November 2020 as a DTC digital storefront with seven products consisting of a cleanser; two toners; moisturizers in gel and cream form for oily or dry skin; Clay mask; and makeup remover. The line was created with feedback from a community of over 10,000 consumers and even some celebrities. Focus groups helped test the products and had their say on the brand and product names, as well as its colorful outer packaging and glowing bottles reminiscent of those you might find on the beach with a message inside.

Bubble products have been formulated to build a routine to cleanse, treat, moisturize and protect the skin barrier. For acne sufferers, Super Clean, an acne treatment serum, contains 2% salicylic acid and willow bark extract that unclogs pores and eliminates breakouts without causing irritation for a visibly clearer and calmer skin. Director of Product Innovation Jessaline Orlansky recommends applying one pump to clean, dry skin as a “treatment step” in the evening routine.

Influencer Madison Pettis expressed her love for Super Clean.

Pettis told attendees that Super Clean was her favorite Bubble product because she “struggled with breakouts like crazy.”

Eisenman also called it a “life-changing” product that helped eliminate bouts of hormonal acne.

“This product is one of the first non-drying acne treatment products that is actually creamy, hydrating and fun and really feels great on the skin,” she told attendees. “And it does that while preventing acne and cleansing the skin in a beautiful way.”

Effective plant-derived ingredients

Other key ingredients in Super Clean include Centella asiatica leaf extract to soothe and calm; squalane to calm irritation and boost hydration; and neem seed oil, which contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to promote glowing skin.

More than half of the product’s users agreed that the product reduced the size of pimples and the appearance of blackheads and clogged pores, according to the brand. A whopping 86% said their skin looked and felt smoother and didn’t leave it flaky, while 76% said the product didn’t dry out their skin, which looked more radiant after just one week of use. ‘use.

Those with a dull complexion looking for a more youthful, dewy look can try Bubble’s Day Dream Texturizing Toning Serum. Formulated with vitamin C and niacinamide to achieve glowing, healthy, even skin, Day Dream can be applied twice daily before moisturizer. For those suffering from dry, flaky or inflamed skin, a few drops of Float On Soothing Face Oil can be applied over moisturizer at night to boost hydration to protect and restore the skin barrier for softer, fuller skin. Fed.

Those whose skin needs a transformative smoothing effect can count on Bubble’s Deep Dive AHA+PHA Exfoliating Mask to come to the rescue. Formulated with fruit enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids, the once-a-week mask works down to the pores to reveal a softer, more even complexion to help clear dark spots, congested pores and balance skin tone and tone. uneven texture. Since the product increases sensitivity to the sun, users are advised to wear SPF and avoid direct sunlight for a week after use.

In support of teenagers suffering from low self-esteem due to their skin condition, Bubble will donate 1% of its proceeds to support teen mental health. In partnership with BetterHelp, an online therapy platform that connects users with a suitable licensed therapist, Bubble will offer its community and consumers 50% off their first [session] online therapy.

Super Clear will be available in 8,000 stores nationwide at Walmart and CVS starting September 5.

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