Green Goo launches new plant-based skincare collection

Sierra Sage Herbs herbal body care brand, Green Goo, has launched a new skin care collection: Plants for Your Face & Body Skin Care Collection.

Developed to target a range of skin conditions and concerns including acne, eczema, sun damage, wrinkles, dry skin and psoriasis, Green Goo’s Plants for Your Face & Body collection is produced using the brand’s proprietary lipid infusion process. Instead of using so-called harsh chemicals or pre-made extracts, Green Goo infuses medicinal herbs and whole plants into rich, nourishing organic essential oils to maximize the purity and elevate the healing properties of its products.

“Our new skincare collection was born from practitioners looking for non-toxic alternatives to treat chronic and acute skin conditions, and we now have hospitals and facilities across the country recommending our products to their patients. looking for head-to-toe body care regimens,” Sierra said. Jodi Scott, CEO and co-founder of Sage Herbs. “Ultimately, we hope this collection will serve anyone looking to make lifestyle changes to nourish their skin healthily. This is really just the beginning for Green Goo to challenge the way we think and ‘use body care products.’

The Moisturizing Collection

Hydrating Face & Body Cleanser (4 fl oz, $24.99) – A daily hydrating cleanser, using a balanced blend of calendula, lavender and jojoba to replenish and enrich skin, leaving it clean and glowing without clog pores;

Moisturizing Face & Body Serum (1 fl. oz, $34.99) – A unique combination of pomegranate oil, vitamin E oil, jojoba oil, frankincense and rose oil that absorbs easily, hydrates and leaves skin with a fresh glow;

Repairing Face & Body Serum (1 fl. oz., $34.99) – A replenishing formulation enhanced by a potent blend of jasmine, blue chamomile, rosehip and jojoba, which helps repair the skin from sun damage and scarring, and helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles;

Moisturizing Overnight Stick (0.6 oz, $9.99) – A nighttime hydrating blend of blue chamomile, rosehip, aloe vera and vitamin E, which helps relieve puffy eyes, dark spots, fine lines and scars, while improving skin elasticity and firmness.

The Acne collection

Acne Face & Body Wash (4 fl. oz., $24.99) – Non-toxic alternative to alcohol-based washes, an oil-based cleanser fortified with a naturally protective and astringent blend of lavender, cedar, chamomile and juniper to calm and clean pores for a healthy complexion;

Acne Spot Treatment Roll On (.34 fl. Oz., $11.99) – Made with pure essential oils of Juniper, Cedarwood and Lavender, a clean herbal substitute for wipes and ointments loaded with chemicals and overly drying, providing soothing relief for acne-prone and irritated skin.

The Eczema Collection

Eczema Face & Body Wash (4 fl oz, $24.99) – A soothing, soothing, non-drying cleanser enhanced with a combination of calendula, yarrow and chamomile that replenishes and nourishes your skin, and gently dissolves dirt and does without the harmful, depleting chemicals found in common washes and soaps;

Eczema Dry Skin Stick (0.6 oz, $9.99) – A revolutionary, portable jumbo stick enhanced by a potent blend of calendula, yarrow, red clover and elderflower Nutrient-rich, which helps relieve symptoms associated with chronic skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, as well as dry skin, cracked hands and feet, and windburn.

The Plants for Your Face & Body collection is currently available on

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