Griffin Capital Funding Saves Church Building With Private Loan Fund

“Our goal is to provide loans to churches with excellent credit and those facing financial difficulties.”

Griffin Capital Financing has been a national leader in church finance for over 17 years, providing more than $ 1 billion in loans to churches across the country. They have loan programs to help churches of all sizes, denominations, and credit. They have also developed a private money lending fund for churches facing financial problems. Griffin Capital Funding created the loan fund to fill the void for churches that cannot qualify for any of their traditional loan products.

Griffin Capital Funding’s mission private money lending fund is simple: Fund churches that have bad or struggling credit and put them back on the path to a healthy financial future. When a church completes its loan term with the private money fund, it will be ready to switch to one of Griffin’s regular loan products with great rates and terms. Griffin Capital Funding does not want any churches to close because they have not been able to find funding. “Our goal is to provide loans to churches with excellent credit and those facing financial difficulties. While we can’t help every church, we do try to help every church, ”said John Berardino, president of Griffin Capital Funding.

Griffin Capital Funding just closed a private money loan in Greensboro, North Carolina. The situation was unique because the borrower owned a church building rather than a church itself. The building housed two churches which rented their space. Griffin Capital Funding granted the loan because the churches would be relocated if the building did not get the necessary repairs that were behind the loan application. Deferred maintenance included a much needed new roof as well as other issues in the building. “This was a one-time transaction for us because the borrower was not a church, but the loan guarantee was. The buildings needed some work and without the completion of the work the tenants of the buildings, which were churches, could not stay on the properties. – Jean Bérardino

Ultimately, no church should close its doors or lose its building due to a financial setback if the problem can be fixed. The Griffin Capital Funding Private Money Lending Fund offers a second chance to these churches. If your church falls into this category or if your church is looking for a low cost regular loan with long term fixed rates, please call 800-710-6762 or visit

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Griffin Capital Financing has served churches for 17 years providing church loans for the refinancing, construction, renovation and purchase of almost any church building ( On average, Griffin gives about $ 100,000,000 a year in loans to churches. Griffin Capital Funding is one of the nation’s best known and respected church finance companies. Griffin Capital Funding also offers for-profit business loans through the SBA 7A and 504 loan programs.

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