Gulf Coast AMR Offers Incentives To Reduce Paramedic Shortage

GULFPORT, Mississippi (WLOX) – There is a shortage across the country for paramedics and emergency medical technicians. AMR South Gulf Coast District hopes to fill the void by offering paramedics a $ 10,000 signing bonus requiring a two-year commitment.

“With unemployment rising as it is, one thing about EMS and even working in hospitals, there will always be a job,” said James Carver, AMR chief operating officer. “There are always sick people. There are always people who get hurt and who need our service.

Carver said certified paramedics will take a seven-day orientation course that includes the emergency vehicle course.

“We’re taking two days out of this week and taking them through the EVOC course,” Carver said. “Then after they’ve completed the classroom portion of the whole orientation, we put them in the field with an FTO, a field trainer, to take walks,” Carver said.

On these trips, paramedics will learn the difference between emergency driving and non-emergency driving. COVID-19 has added a little extra to the training course. Paramedics and EMTs learn how to respond correctly to a COVID patient.

“Is it risky? Yes it can be sometimes, especially with COVID, ”Carver said. “Sometimes it takes us a little longer to get on the scene because at this point we have to put on our proper PPE – gowns, gloves, masks, goggles.”

Hoping to fill more positions, AMR will also offer a career path for those interested in becoming EMT.

“We’re launching a program, it’s called ‘Earn to Learn’ where we’re going to send people in and out of the streets, take them to classes and teach them how to be an EMT,” Carver said.

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