Have you tried everything but nothing works on your skin? Here’s what you need to do

Have you tried everything but nothing works on your skin? Here’s what you need to do

The skin plays a vital role and choosing the perfect product for the skin type is quite difficult. And, if you religiously follow the most popular research suggestion to solve your skin problems and it still doesn’t make any difference. It means we’re skipping something. But don’t worry, because there is only ever one answer.

So, we went ahead, did some research and found out one of the most popular skincare ingredients, why they don’t work and an alternative to these products that we can try to solve our skin problems.

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Salicylic acid

This one is used to treat acne problems and if it doesn’t work because sometimes not all skin problems are created equal. Some of them are serious and for this reason the salicylic might not be strong enough. Therefore, instead of using it, we can try tea tree oil and sulfur-zinc as positive alternatives.


Niacinamide is one of the popular ingredients used for sun damage, wrinkles, redness, and sometimes acne. If you are unable to see results after using the product on the skin, according to the dermatologist, it is best to ignore it. Because if niacinamide does not work, it means that it is not properly absorbed by the skin, and because of this, the ingredient is unable to provide the exact results.

For this we can try using less sensitive products such as rosehip seed oil and bakuchiol extract then give at least 2-5 minutes to absorb into skin before layering with moisturizer .


Our all-time favorite ingredient for fine lines, wrinkles, elasticity and aging. If you experience redness, peeling or burning sensation on your face, it is better to stop using it.

According to experts, it is one of the most powerful ingredients and it sometimes reacts on different skin types.

So if retinol is too intense for the skin, Bakuchiol is the best natural alternative and pretty good for all skin types.

If none of the ingredients work on the face, according to research, sometimes the products don’t contain real ingredients for the skin type.

In one of the researches it was mentioned, “It may be the right ingredient, but the concentration is so low that by the time some of it reaches the target skin area, there is no not enough to have a qualifiable or quantifiable effect on the skin.”

So, make sure that before taking such an ineffective ingredient for the skin, open google and list all the ingredients mentioned in yours. If it doesn’t contain the top five, it’s probably not high enough for the results.

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