Here’s what a Democrat-led Senate means to boost

On January 5, a run-off election in Georgia determined who would occupy the two seats in the state Senate.

This competition was critical to the ability of the Biden administration to implement its agenda, as the outcome of both elections determined control of the Senate. If the Republicans had occupied either seat, the party would retain the majority.

As of January 6, the two races have been called and Democrats Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff are expected to travel to the Senate. The Democratic Party will control the executive branch and both houses of Congress, as the 50-50 split in the upper house gives Vice President-elect Kamala Harris the deciding vote.

This means that the chances of another generous coronavirus stimulus bill being passed are extremely high. And the odds are good, the next bill will include checks for $ 2,000 for most Americans.

Another coronavirus stimulus bill is almost definitely in the cards

For months, Democrats have argued that a broader stimulus package is essential to deliver the help struggling Americans need. The Democratic-controlled House of Representatives even passed a $ 3 trillion bill called the HEROES Act, along with another $ 2.2 trillion relief bill.

Neither received a Senate vote, as Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blocked them. Senator McConnell and many on the right have argued that no subsequent stimulus package should cost more than $ 1 trillion. Republicans have also opposed provisions in Democrats’ bills beyond price, including billions in aid to state and local governments, and larger unemployment benefits.

With the Senate controlling the Democrats, McConnell will no longer be the majority leader and will not have control of what comes up for a vote. Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer will assume power from McConnell, and it is almost certain that a full-scale stimulus bill will be a top priority.

This is good news for Americans who are hoping for another stimulus check beyond the $ 600 check currently being delivered. Any bill passed will likely include stimulus checks of $ 2,000, as the House of Representatives recently passed a bill calling for them. These larger checks, also a political priority for President Trump, have the backing of key figures on the left, ranging from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to progressive pillars including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders.

While the legislation may still be filibustered and then require the votes of 60 senators to move forward, it is possible that nine Republicans will vote yes on a sweeping stimulus package – especially as some moderates have argued. that further relief is needed even after the recent passage of $ 900 billion in relief.

However, even if another stimulus bill may not get 60 votes, Democrats may use a process called “reconciliation” to pass it. The reconciliation allows the passage of invoices related to expenses through an accelerated process requiring only a simple majority. And President Pelosi has suggested the technique could be used to provide critical stimulus funds.

All of this makes it extremely likely that more money will flow into Americans’ bank accounts – although the legislative process may take some time to get there.

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