Home Beauty Tricks You Definitely Want to Ignore

Dermaplaning is a good way to rid your face of fine hair and dead skin cells to reveal a clearer, smoother layer of skin using a sterile dermaplaning razor. However, dermaplaning may not be a procedure you want to do at home, especially if you have sensitive skin. If you have acne bumps, rosacea, eczema, polycystic ovary syndrome, or other conditions that can lead to comedones, pustules, or inflammation, you’re not ready for dermaplaning treatment. , according to Healthline. Dermaplaning when you suffer from skin disorders will only make your condition worse or, worse, lead to bloody cuts and permanent scarring.

The same goes for gua sha, a skin scraping technique that stimulates collagen production. According to dermatologist Dr. Elaine F. Kung (via Allure), her rosacea patient ended up with her condition worsening and more visible blood vessels on her face after doing gua sha at home. She compared the procedure to pilling and other texture changes that occur on overused clothing, saying, “The same thing can happen with our skin if you scrub it too frequently.” Home beauty treatments can save you money at first, but if they go wrong, you’ll end up losing more money to save your beauty.

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