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ROSEVILLE, Minnesota (WCCO) – Another telltale sign of a change of seasons is painfully occurring on our hands and face. Dry skin is a problem this time of year. And before it got worse, we wanted to know: How can we best prevent and treat dry skin? Are there any natural remedies to try?

As we’ve learned, solutions can be tied to a pharmacy or the grocery aisle.

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The dry skin problem hurts Dr Mohiba Tareen of Tareen Dermatology to hear.

“It’s one of the most common things we see as dermatologists in winter in Minnesota,” Tareen said. “People who come in with thick, dry skin, cracks, and then infections that can sometimes even lead them to the hospital. ”

What’s the right skincare routine for the winter?

It starts with the way you wash your face. Tareen said people should switch from foaming gel cleansers to cream cleansers.

“You also want to go from a light moisturizer to something thicker in a jar. So things in jars have less water, ”she said, adding that lotions from a pump bottle are best during the summer months because they aren’t as greasy or thick. “Pot-based in winter, pump in summer. “

Is there a routine on when to apply them?

While hydration throughout the day is important, Tareen says it has a bigger impact at night.

“This is when our skin regenerates,” she said.

Using oils is another avenue that people with dry skin try to alleviate, but some are concerned that their hands will become too oily or cause acne breakouts.

Why might someone want to try the oil instead of a lotion or cream?

“It really depends on your skin type,” Tareen said. “For some people prone to more acne or ingrown hairs, body hairs, you might want to make some sort of lotion lighter, even in winter.”

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Byrdie, a beauty website, praises oils as an option for people with dry skin issues. However, he also pointed out that the oils work best for people with certain skin types. Tareen added that using an oil, and then a cream on top, is a powerful combo in combating dryness. The cream layer prevents the oil from evaporating.

Not all oils come from beauty salons. Some can be found at the grocery store.

“In Indian culture we love coconut oil, again not great if you’re acne prone, but if you have dry skin that’s a good thing,” Tareen said. “Avocado oil is excellent.”

One woman we interviewed, Rebecca, uses these same natural remedies for her hair.

“African American hair is naturally drier, so I’ve found that in the winter, using these products, making a paste or conditioner it really helps to lock in moisture in my hair,” Rebecca said.

Other skin-saving tips before facing the weather include applying moisturizer before putting on gloves and covering your face with a scarf or mask.

“And you should wear your sunglasses because those lines around your eyes, you don’t want them,” Tareen said.

Showering at a cooler temperature can keep your skin better hydrated. Using petroleum jelly after showering and before drying off can also help.

For those who wash their hands often, Tareen recommends moisturizers that contain dimethicone.

“It’s a silicone-based polymer. It helps repel water. So for someone like me who’s a doctor who washes their hands all the time, I’ll use a moisturizer with dimethicone, ”she said.

Another unique moisturizer is hyaluronic acid. Tareen says it works as a building block of the skin and helps maintain hydration.

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