How eyebrow waxing can lead to aging skin, according to an expert

Whether DIY or in a salon, Healy says eyebrow waxing is a no-no. “Waxing is rough on the skin,” he says. “There’s heat, there’s chemicals, and it strips off the top layer of skin.” Translation: That burning you feel after waxing is more than just friction, and it can potentially have long-lasting effects.

“It breaks down collagen and elastin around the eye area over time,” Healy explains. And when the skin is so damaged, you may experience accelerated aging of the skin around the eyes (i.e. sagging and wrinkles).

There are two major caveats for those using retinol or isotretinoin (commonly known as Accutane). With these factors, the skin is more sensitive in general, and even worse burns, rashes and irritations can follow.

For now, Healy says to stick with tweezers if you can – it may take longer, but it’s much gentler on the skin, and it’s more accurate if you’re looking to define your shape. Threading is definitely better than waxing in terms of skin health, but due to the nature of how the hairs are pulled out, you’re more likely to struggle with asymmetrical shapes.

The bottom line? Every grooming technique has its pros and cons, so if you like regular brow wax, we’re not going to tell you to give up the habit. Just be aware that because eyelid skin is thinner and more delicate, you should be in addition careful. And if you want to show your brows a little more TLC, you can even add brow serum to your routine to promote healthy hair growth and maintenance.

You are probably wondering: What about body hair removal? Well, Healy explains that he’s not against waxing in general. If waxing is your underarm or leg hair removal choice, that’s OK: your skin is thicker and tougher there, so the damage won’t be as severe. We repeat: your eye area is very sensitive, so you need to approach it with special care.

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