How parents steal their children as adults

Today, many of the students she works with are immigrants or first generation students.

“Reading the scandal, I feel for these parents, I think so,” she said. But “the first generation students who arrive here are discovering how to navigate an education system that was not always designed for them,” she said. “It changes the course of their lives and that of their families. ”

Cathy Tran, 22, a final year student at the University of Pennsylvania, is the daughter of people who immigrated from Vietnam and did not attend college. “They give me a lot of emotional support, but they haven’t really been able to tell me what I should be doing, like the next steps,” she said.

Finding your way to college has had some benefits, Ms. Tran said. “I actually think I have a sense of independence and confidence in myself in a way that some of my friends whose parents went to college might not have,” she said. . “I had friends who couldn’t even do laundry. I guess in a way I feel like I was forced to be an adult much earlier.

Learning to problem solve, take risks and overcome frustration are essential life skills, many child development experts say, and if parents don’t let their children fail, children won’t learn them. not. When a 3-year-old drops a dish and breaks it, she’ll probably try not to drop it next time. When a 20-year-old sleeps during a test, they probably won’t forget to set their alarm clock again.

Snow removal has gone so far, they say, that many young people are in crisis, lack these problem-solving skills, and experience record anxiety levels. There are now classes to teach children to practice chess, on university campuses throughout the country and even for preschoolers.

Many snowplow parents know this is problematic too. But because of privilege, peer pressure, or anxiety about their children’s future, they do it anyway.

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