How to correct colors: the best drugstore makeup to cover acne

Just as I was starting to get my acne under control, a new product I tested earlier this month blew me away. It had actually been a while since I had had so many red and angry pimples. With a ton of projects on my plate, I still needed to create a camera-ready canvas. Luckily I have a handful of drugstore makeup proven to cover up acne!

Keep reading to learn how to cover acne with makeup with my favorite techniques.

Step 1

The trick to perfectly camouflage acne: color correction. Color correction is the use of color theory to balance out or “cancel” discolorations in the skin. The opposite of red is green, so the green concealer helps decrease the redness of acne and prevent it from appearing under your foundation.

When color correction first became widespread, many of us thought the best way was to layer a green concealer under our skin-matching concealer. Recently, however, I discovered a much better way to do it: mix green with your normal concealer.

I find it creates a more even layer of product on the face, helping it blend more easily with the rest of your makeup and doesn’t create noticeable smudges under your foundation with an odd undertone.

I am currently using the LA Colors Conceal It! Concealer that pops up every now and then in my local dollar store, although it’s almost identical to the LA Girls HD Pro Conceal in Green (these two brands are actually made by the same company). For my skin match concealer, I use elf Hydrating Camo Concealer in Medium fishing.

2nd step

Keeping the mixture around 75% skin and 25% green is the perfect ratio, but feel free to play around depending on how much redness you’re trying to cover. I sprinkle the concealer with a blending brush and gently blend in circular motions to soften the outline of the concealer.

Step 3

Application L

I continue with what I consider to be the best drugstore foundation: L’Oréal Infallible Fresh Wear liquid foundation. This is a long-lasting full coverage foundation that looks amazingly natural on the skin. The finish looks like radiant, fresh skin although it’s not downright dewy or matte. This is the most flattering finish for active acne, as your spots will not be highlighted by shine or crust like they can when mattified.

When I really want to maintain the full coverage of the foundation, I use a brush to apply. The Expert Real Techniques Face Brush is a classic for creating a smooth base with liquid foundation.

Step 4

Application of AOA Studio Perfect Setting Powder |  How To Correct Colors: The Best Drugstore Makeup To Cover Acne  Cut beauty

While L’Oréal foundation lasts all day under ideal conditions, a thin layer of setting powder helps smooth skin texture and reduce the appearance of acne. Although not technically a drugstore, the AOA Studio Perfect Setting Powder is my favorite. It’s only $ 1 but works just as well, if not better, than the high end powders I own. It is very fine and soft, it applies and blends evenly, does not flash back the photos and helps your makeup stay in place.

Final results

Before and After Drugstore Makeup For Acne Routine  How To Correct Colors: The Best Drugstore Makeup To Cover Acne  Cut beauty

With this routine, you can see that my acne is much less prominent, and in some places even invisible! While I prefer to let the acne breathe as much as possible while treating it to clear up, when I need to be in front of the camera this is the best drugstore makeup to cover acne that looks natural and lasts.

– Miranda

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