How To Get Rid Of Chin Acne, According To Experts – Treating Pimples On Chin

We all thought our acne problems were over when we graduated from high school, but adult acne is extremely common and can be linked to everything from your diet to your hormones or even your stress level. And the chin in particular is an area where women find pimples that appear well into adulthood. We have enough to worry about as adults, and the red spot on our chin wasn’t on the list. So we talked to dermatologists to finally understand what causes chin acne and how to get rid of it for good, and they even spilled some good acne product and acne treatment recommendations.

What causes chin acne?

Like other forms of acne all over the face and body, there are several reasons why your chin may break out. “Similar to other acne, chin acne can be caused by a combination of factors, including increased oil production, clogged pores, inflammation, and bacteria,” explains Marisa Garshick, MD, FAAD, a board-certified dermatologist in New York. “In some people, there may also be a hormonal component that may contribute to acne as well.”

Here are some common reasons why you find pimples on your chin.

Hormonal chin acne

You’d think hormonal acne would stop after puberty, but hormonal chin acne is most commonly seen in women over 25 during menopause, explains Heather Rogers, MD, FAAD, a board-certified dermatologist in California. She says these pimples often develop the week before your menstrual cycle and are due to a slight rise in testosterone levels.

Dr. Garshick adds that they usually appear on the lower third of your face on the chin and jawline. The bumps are characterized by extremely tender and deep redness, which makes them incredibly difficult to pop or remove, says Dr. Rogers.


During the last two years of the Coronavirus pandemic, many dermatologists have seen an increase in patients with acne in areas covered by their medical masks. Dr. Rogers explains that this is due to a change in your skin biome caused by your breath being trapped under the mask, creating a moist environment and introducing new organisms.

Alternatively, Dr. Garshick adds, you could also suffer from mechanical acne. “This is a type of acne in which repeated rubbing and mechanical obstruction of the hair follicle can lead to clogged pores and breakouts, which is similar to what happens with a helmet or chin strap “, she explains.

These are characterized by much more superficial pimples, like red bumps, whiteheads, and irritation around the mouth and nose, Dr. Rogers says.

How to Get Rid of Chin Acne Fast

We’ve all seen the pimple popping videos circulating the internet, but when it comes to a home remedy to quickly zap your chin pimples, this might not be your best answer. “While it may be tempting, it’s important to avoid picking, popping or squeezing your rash as this can trigger more inflammation and lead to potential scarring,” warns Dr. Garshick.

Instead, try one of the expert-approved quick fixes or make an appointment with your dermatologist. “For any patient struggling with acne, I suggest seeing a dermatologist to discuss options and begin a treatment regimen. There is no one-size-fits-all approach and treatments are tailored to each patient over time. to find an effective combination,” says Heather Richmond, MD, FAAD, Texas board certified medical and cosmetic dermatologist.


Dr. Rogers says regular use of retinol for hormonal acne can help with skin renewal, allowing deep acne to surface and disappear. And not only will retinol help resolve your chin acne faster, it can also make dark spots and dark spots fade faster. She suggests starting with 0.25% for dry skin and 0.5% for oily or less sensitive skin. Anything above will be super drying.

“Retinols are extremely beneficial for unclogging pores and preventing acne, and they can be found in many over-the-counter formulations,” says Dr. Richmond. She notes that retinol can also be sold as adapalene.

Buy dermatologist-approved retinoid products:

Hydrocolloid patches

When you feel a pimple under your skin, hydrocolloid patches can help bring hormonal acne to the surface more quickly, ultimately resolving it faster, says Dr. Rogers.

Dr. Garshick loves COSRX Acne Pimple Patch as it acts as a protective barrier and helps draw out oil and reduce breakouts. “It’s especially great for someone who tends to attack breakouts because it can help create a barrier to prevent pinching or picking,” she says.


For acne caused by wearing the mask, Dr. Rogers says an excellent oral probiotic aimed at skin health can help balance the skin biome. She suggests eating fermented foods like yogurt and kimchi to help repopulate skin bacteria or trying skin-focused probiotic supplements like Squad Hum Skin. “Even taking this for a few days can help normalize the skin,” she says. “Three or four days of using a probiotic for the skin takes care of it.”

Spot treatments

For some buttons, a good spot treatment can do the trick to undoing your escape for good. Dr. Garshick suggests choosing one with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid to get rid of rashes quickly. She likes Neutragena On-The-Spot Acne Spot Treatment for a benzoyl peroxide product or First Aid Beauty FAB Pharma Acne Spot Treatment for a one-time treatment with salicylic acid.

“But it’s important to note that for deep or cystic breakouts, spot treatments may not be enough to clear the spot and may just cause excessive irritation,” she warns.

tea tree oil

For those looking for a natural remedy for their acne, Dr. Garshick says tea tree oil can be helpful in reducing inflammation from bacteria. She loves it St. Ives Acne Control Tea Tree Facial Cleanserwhich also includes salicylic acid to treat acne.

“But in general, it’s always best to talk to a dermatologist about your treatment options, as some natural ingredients can still be irritating or lead to skin redness or tenderness,” Dr. Garshick notes.

Visit your Derm

If your quick fixes at home don’t seem to be working, visit the dermatologist for a steroid injection or an oral antibiotic to calm the inflammation and resolve some of the tenderness of large pimples, says Dr. Rogers. If the rashes are more common than not and causing severe discomfort, there are other medications that may offer faster clearing, she adds.

Dr. Rogers notes that hormonal chin acne will last about a week before your menstrual cycle, but as you get older it can appear throughout the month. And unfortunately, these deep pimples are not easy to get rid of.

“Hormonal acne is difficult to treat with topicals because it’s such deep pimples,” says Dr. Rogers. She advises talking to your dermatologist about treatment options. She will usually recommend that patients take a very low dose of spironolactone, which can prevent your body from converting estrogen into testosterone, causing your pimples.

“Prescription management is primarily used to treat hormonal acne,” Dr. Richmond agrees. Your doctor can work with you to determine if an oral contraceptive, contraceptive patch, or vaginal ring might be helpful for your acne. Additionally, Dr. Richmond says your doctor may prescribe benzoyl peroxide along with topical antibiotics to use as a spot treatment.

How to Prevent Chin Acne

The number one thing you can do for your skin health is to wash your face every night, says Dr. Rogers. She adds that if you have chin acne, you really don’t need to do much to help your skin barrier return to normal. A good wash and moisturizer once a day should do the trick. Try one of these best face washes for acne prone skin.

And if you choose to use additional products, Dr. Garshick notes that you should avoid cosmetics and skincare that clog pores. Instead, opt for non-comedogenic and oil-free products.

For chin acne caused by wearing a mask, Dr. Rogers recommends removing your mask in spaces where it’s safe to do so, such as when you’re home alone. Otherwise, she notes that wearing the mask is very important and that you should make sure to wash your mask at the end of the day and change your masks as often as possible.

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