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Of course, an unexpected place isn’t the end of the world, but it helps that a new wave of blemish-proofing stickers have arrived. It’s no secret that some blemish-targeting products can be drying when applied all over skin, but these topical patches allow you to tackle specific areas without worrying about upsetting the overall balance of your skin. dyed.

These little stickers are tiny, plaster-like patches containing active ingredients, such as salicylic acid, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid, and because they’re applied directly to the blemish or blemish, they can get to work immediately – no need to try and cover a spot with concealer, save it after it’s already subsided. They also prevent you from touching or picking for you, helping them to heal faster and are also easily concealed under your face mask.

Although we’ve seen translucent stickers before, some options now have tiny – and completely painless – micro-needles that work by penetrating the outer layer of the skin, meaning these active ingredients can work deeper in order to provide better and faster results. .

However, not all of them are completely invisible. In fact, the latest wave of these polka dot stickers come in the form of bright yellow stars and multicolored flowers that grab attention rather than try to hide.

From fun to purely functional, here’s our pick of the best…

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