How to Treat Acne on the Neck

When a pimple appears on your neck, you might be tempted to pop it, which is not a good idea. In the worst-case scenario, the infection can spread further and cause new painful pimples, according to Healthline. There are better and more effective ways to treat acne. In case of severe acne, you should consult a dermatologist. They can offer a more personalized treatment which can be oral or topical, containing antibacterial or replenishing ingredients.

A recommended treatment option is salicylic acid. It may normalize the skin’s cell turnover process and reduce excess sebum production, according to Healthline. Benzoyl peroxide is another treatment option that helps counter the bacterial infection so pimples on the neck heal quickly, Medical News Today explains.

Other treatment options include vitamin A derivatives (such as retinoids) (via Healthline). Severe cases of nodular acne are sometimes treated with Accutane, which can cause serious side effects. The concentration of the active ingredient and the dosage of all treatments depend on the severity of the acne and should be determined by a healthcare professional. After starting any treatment, you should also contact your doctor or dermatologist immediately if you experience itching or a rash.

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