I’m a proud catfish – my glow hides my bad acne and makes me feel amazing… people are amazed I’m the same person

SHE uses her makeup skills to hide her acne and boost her confidence.

But Jessy Volk’s transformations are so incredible that people are often amazed that she’s the same person.


Jess frequently takes to TikTok to show off her amazing transformationsCredit: TikTok / jesthejemini
She changed her hair from a messy bun to space buns and did full makeup


She changed her hair from a messy bun to space buns and did full makeupCredit: TikTok / jesthejemini

Jessy, who posts on the Jess the Jemini page on TikTok, took to the social media page to share one of her amazing makeovers.

In the video, a voiceover was heard asking, “So you’re an artist?”

“Yeah,” Jess replied.

And when the voice asked if she was good at it, she shrugged, before going from makeup free with a messy bun to full makeup with her strawberry blonde hair in cute space buns.

I'm the ultimate catfish - guys say I'm like one
I'm the catfish queen - I look 40 years younger with makeup on

“I literally live for the bun! You are definitely an artist and a phenomenal bestie,” one person commented on the video.

While another added: “I wish I could do half makeup as good as you can. It’s amazing.

“Besides, you look gorgeous whether you’re wearing it or not.”

“I rightfully love you and your trust! You are an amazing girl!” someone else wrote.

From her lashes to her lips, Jess' gaze was flawless


From her lashes to her lips, Jess’ gaze was flawlessCredit: TikTok / jesthejemini

And another comment read: “I love you!!!! You are so BEEEEEEEAUTIFUL!!!!!”

Someone else added: “you’re so cute – that’s not an offensive compliment. I adore you.

“Enemies keep you going please, never let them get you down!”

Another person was quick to comment on the difference between Jess before and after, writing, “This should be illegal. #IdentityTheft.”

“Lock me up,” Jess replied cheekily.

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