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The saying goes that there are two things in life that are inevitable, death and taxes. In view of our modern lives, one could also argue that we should add “credit”.

Inevitably, your credit, whether good or bad, will affect the decisions you make. Having bad credit can be seriously damaging to your life and increase your spending to the very basic level. The opposite can also be true. Something in your life, such as a divorce, a change in job, or a student loan, can affect your credit. Unexpected life events can hurt your much-needed credit and businesses like Buffalo Credit Repair make it their passion to help people find a way to improve their credit and avoid things like bankruptcy or foreclosures.

Buffalo Credit Repair, opened in July 2019, by Tyler Piscitello and currently serves 50 clients in the Buffalo area. Piscitello has a background in automotive and digital marketing, but when he recognized the opportunity to start a credit repair business, he did so. Sadly, Piscitello learned the hard way after college, like most people, about the damage bad credit can cause. He found ways to repair his credit, honed and mastered those skills, and started Buffalo Credit Repair to help others get out of the same situation he was in.

“Once I opened my doors, I became more aware of the real lack of education and resources available to our community,” said Piscitello. “The bison as a whole is growing rapidly; however, there are people left behind because our unemployment rate is higher than the national average, among other things. Make no mistake, Buffalo is going in the right direction, we just feel obligated to help those who are stuck with credit issues. “

Tyler Piscitello is the President and Founder of Buffalo Credit Repair

An increasingly common problem with Buffalo Credit Repair clients is what they call the “snowball effect”. This means that once a person damages their credit, everything else seems to be negatively affected. Piscitello explained that a person with a good credit score, for example, can buy a new car for around $ 300 a month with maybe a low interest rate. On the flip side, a person with bad credit to just pay close to $ 100 a month or more for the same car, except it would be used (3-4 years older with around 35 miles.) Interest rates rise, higher insurance premiums, higher rates on credit cards, loans or mortgages all accompany an individual with poor or even fair credit. Usually, this forces an individual to operate on a cash only basis, which creates serious problems with balancing budgets and managing cash flow. This often results in missing payments, becoming past due and subject to foreclosure and defaults. All of this really puts someone at a disadvantage and can be difficult to overcome. Buffalo Credit Repair customers turn to the company to help them find an effective and efficient way to repair their credit and find light at the end of their bad credit tunnel.

Buffalo Credit Repair takes a unique approach to helping clients with their credit needs. Above all, they offer an individualized and specific approach to the needs of each client. Unlike some companies, Buffalo Credit Repair has a physical location where a face to face consultation is presented. This is in addition to the free and unlimited educational resources that customers can access while going through the difficult process of rebuilding their credit. The company stands alongside each client and brings them education, empathy and motivation. Buffalo Credit Repair understands the need for a personal touch when it comes to helping clients, coupled with a two-step process. During the first complementary consultation, a needs assessment is carried out. This is when the customer’s credit report will be assessed and will see why things went wrong. The customer through the process every step of the way and helped achieve their goals.

According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, any consumer is permitted to dispute anything found to be inaccurate on their credit report or history. This consumer is allowed to ask the credit bureau to present proof, when proof is often not available. Hence, resulting in a deletion of bad credit. The second step in the process is to rebuild. “This is where we teach how credit works, simple and effective budgeting. We find that once we put our clients on this path, they start to see the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ and engage and challenge themselves to increase their score and be financially responsible, ”he said. declared Piscitello. Buffalo Credit Repair uses the latest and most relevant market research to help our clients while providing personalized care to each individual. These credit coaches help Buffalonians get out of debt and bad credit, one client at a time.

Buffalo Credit Repair | 392 Pearl Street, Suite 201 | Buffalo, New York 14202
(716) 436-5000 | Website | Facebook

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