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In You Heard It Here First, the editors at Bustle showcase the coolest emerging beauty brands you should have on your radar. Here, Range Beauty founder Alicia Scott shares the inspiration behind her makeup line focused on healthy skin.

Testing beauty products should be fun and experimental. But it can quickly turn into a stressful nightmare – just ask someone who has ever struggled to find the right shade of foundation for their complexion, or who suffered a rash from a mysterious ingredient in his new corrector. Finding the perfect product can take some trial and error, and usually comes with disappointment along the way – that’s where new beauty brand Range Beauty comes in.

The burgeoning (and rightly exalted) beauty line was founded by Atlanta-born New York-born Alicia Scott, a black woman who fell in love with fashion as a child and gained a foothold working in backstage at parades. Thinking back to her early years working behind the scenes at fashion week, in PR showrooms, sales areas, and campaign shoots, it soon became clear that there was a need. more beauty brands founded by blacks. “Whenever I was backstage or on a campaign shoot, I started noticing that when black models were chosen, they came prepared with their own makeup kits,” she says. After asking the models why they would do this, she realized that it was because most of the key makeup artists didn’t know how to make up darker skin tones, and they also weren’t equipped with shades. that would be appropriate or flattering. “It was the first time that I had heard someone else say that there was a problem with the makeup options for brown skin,” she says.

From there, Range Beauty was born. “I was sitting on the living room floor of my Brooklyn apartment across from my roommate, and said out loud, ‘I think I want to create my own makeup line,’” she says. Due to his history of acne and eczema, Scott naturally turned to a bare, natural face, as most makeup products exacerbated his skin problems. She wondered: how in modern times there was still such a dearth of makeup products made from healthy ingredients for dark skin? She created Range Beauty to reach a range of skin tones and types, gender, age, and bank accounts, and deliver inclusive skin-focused products that wouldn’t irritate acne-prone skin or sensitive.

Beauty range

The Beauty range is the marriage of two important aspects of beauty: inclusiveness and ingredients. “The range has become the answer for a lot of people who want rash-free beauty, or who have never seen their complexion portrayed,” she says. “With my eczema and acne, I had to make sure I got beyond the marketing term ‘flawless face’ because that term didn’t include me. Every product, from the most hydrating and bestselling Bali Face and Body Glow to the True Intentions Hydrating Foundation, is formulated with soothing ingredients (like vitamin E, calendula, chamomile and argan oil), rather than ingredients commonly found in other beauty products. products that irritate, dry out, or cause a rash (such as perfumes). “Our line is meant to be an extension of your skin care routine to continue to help you. [your skin] all day, ”Scott says.

Range looks like a deeply personal brand to Scott and many other black women with acne and irritation. “37% of black women have acne – it’s more common for us than women of other origins,” says Scott. “I have taken it upon myself to be transparent about the ingredients we use as solutions and the ingredients we leave out to provide a cleaner alternative. This skin-focused approach is what keeps customers coming back for more, along with the brand’s wide range of shades for every skin tone. The Golden Hour Dual Eye / Highlight features a frosty brown, light pink, silver and sunny chocolate brown, while the foundation ranges from Paloma (porcelain) to Midnight Sun (the deepest and richest brown) . Smooth Out Sheer Powder has a skin-like finish and ranges from light to deep – all created with just seven simple ingredients.

Even with the beauty advancements made over the years and the boom in black-owned beauty brands that occurred after 2020, Scott still believes the industry still has a long way to go. “We [Black consumers], of course, responded by creating lines for us on our own, but I really want the industry to be in a place where we don’t have to talk about an inclusive brand anymore – that’s right! she says. And although it took a while for the world to catch up, Scott is proud to have launched a healthy, affordable and inclusive beauty brand with just $ 150 of her own money.

“Black beauty, for me, is limitless,” she says. “It is the presentation of all the love, routines, traditions, looks and experiences passed down from our ancestors that we continue to change and add. I am proud to stay true to my vision.

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