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To the Editor – I want to express my sincere gratitude to Matt Steadman who, despite being vaccinated, still believes those of us who have chosen not to have the right. It’s heartwarming after months of ridicule, shame and disgust.

We were called stubborn, insensitive, selfish, ignorant and simply election freaks. None of which I am. We were told that we should be denied medical coverage, medical care and my favorite, be placed in internment camps.

I’m not an anti-vaccine either, I’m just opposed to this vaccine because I don’t think it’s safe no matter what science and medicine say. They also said thalidomide, DES, Fen-Phen, Accutane and Meridia are safe and FDA approved, so give those of us who are wary of this vaccine credit for being skeptical. .

I have known two women who hemorrhaged and ended up in the emergency room two days after being vaccinated. My niece suffered from menstrual problems causing her to pass out after her jab. And my healthy and fit 30-year-old nephew ended up in intensive care with myocarditis after his second injection.

So it is my divine right to protect my health and I find it amazing that people accept our government telling us otherwise. Once again, thank you Mr. Steadman!

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