Love Island’s Coco Lodge reveals red, sore face after undergoing chemical peel to get rid of acne scars

LOVE Island bombshell Coco Lodge has undergone a series of painful facial treatments in a bid to displace her acne scars.

Coco, 27, visited a beauty salon in Hertfordshire where she received a chemical peel, dermaplaning, microneedling and LED treatment on her face.


Coco Lodge has undergone various facialsCredit: INSTAGRAM/ @COCO_LODGE
Love Island star hopes to 'target acne scars'


Love Island star hopes to ‘target acne scars’Credit: INSTAGRAM/ @COCO_LODGE

Once done, the reality TV star – who entered the villa on Casa Amor week – showed off her flushed cheeks, forehead and chin on Instagram.

Coco told her followers, “We’re working on targeting my acne scars from a few years ago. I feel glowing already.”

Since leaving the villa last month, Coco has been making the most of her newfound celebrity status.

The Surrey graphic designer has spent evenings with her Love Island co-stars while speaking openly about her experience on the ITV2 show.

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Coco was initially chosen by Andrew Le Page to recouple after Casa, but their romance was short-lived and he reverted to Tasha Ghouri.

The brunette was then dumped off the island with fellow countryman Josh Le Grove – and has since admitted she ‘could have slept with him’.

Speaking on the Saving Grace podcast, Coco said she and Josh were taken to a secret villa after being sent to pack.

“You go to this amazing villa, like the main villa, with Josh and two attendants,” she revealed.

Grace asked, “Did you fuck him?”

Coco replied, “No and I’m actually annoyed because I feel like I could have done it by now.

“Talking to him now after I thought to myself, I feel like it could have happened.

“He said to me, ‘Oh, I’m excited’ and I said, ‘Okay, I’m going to bed’. But I don’t know why I did that because sorry, he’s in such good shape! “

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The news didn’t sit well with fellow countryman Summer Botwe, 22, who had been romantically involved with Josh before he was dumped.

Pointing to a feud, the girls have since unfollowed on social media.

Coco was dropped from Love Island shortly after entering like a bomb


Coco was dropped from Love Island shortly after entering like a bomb1 credit
She's enjoying her newfound celebrity status


She’s enjoying her newfound celebrity statusCredit: Splash
It is believed, however, that Coco fell out with Summer.


It is believed, however, that Coco fell out with Summer.Credit: The Mega Agency

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