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Bengaluru: As Bengaluruans start commuting to work from offices amid the summer heat, some of them are worried about a pandemic-induced skin problem, maskne, where acne is caused by wearing a mask for an extended period of time.
Madhu Kumar, 29, a business analyst, has started working from his office two days a week and is supposed to wear a mask when on the premises. “The mask rules may have been relaxed outside, but at our office security ensures we wear it even inside. It led to a breakout of acne on my face,” Kumar said, adding that the last time he had acne was when he was a teenager.

Kumar said he kept splashing cold water on his face whenever he took a break and dabbed on some astringent before putting on his mask. “It helped me to some extent,” he said, adding, “I can’t wait for Karnataka to remove the mask rule. If it’s officially relaxed, we don’t have to worry about it. worry.
Sharanya C, a young doctor, said it’s even more common for her to develop acne because she can’t afford to take off her mask at work. “It was tolerable when summer hadn’t set in. The sweat and heat lead to painful acne,” she complains.
Dr Sharanya said she finds respite by spraying her mask with tea tree oil and washing it with disinfectant.
Simran Balar Jain, a content creator, suggests skin-friendly face masks to help solve the problem. “You can also wear two or three disposable masks to avoid the maskne”, she added.
Dr Shoba Sundeep, dermatologist and cosmetologist, Apollo Hospitals, said that although the number of Covid cases has gone down, people have realized the importance of masks. “With a high number of allergies in the city, it is likely that people will continue to wear masks. With the arrival of summer, there is no doubt that maskne will return,” she said , adding that maskne or all acne is caused by the bacterium P.Acnes.
“Acne has four stages, and maskne can occur in all four, including inflammatory acne, and is especially distributed in areas covered by a mask,” she explained.
Speaking about what causes maskne, Dr Shoba added: “The heat and bacteria in the breath as well as the friction caused by cloth masks cause maskne. People could use surgical masks if they have a pre-existing problem with acne, as cloth masks tend to trap heat, which increases the mask. Even if a cloth mask is used, one should ensure that it is washed in a mild detergent and dried in the sun after each use,” she added.

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